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And the winner is... Council Forum Poll results

  • 1.  And the winner is... Council Forum Poll results

    Posted Feb 14, 2020 12:34 PM
    Hi all:

      Thank you so much for the 103 of you that responded to our survey regarding the all Councilors Council Forum!  It was a great response.  The winning time was late afternoon/early evening (like at MW) with the duration being 1 hour.  Marsha has been alerted so that she can start making plans for Annual.  Depending on what happens with our Council, I am recommending we keep this pattern for the foreseeable future so that plans can be made in advance and scheduling is easier.  If this is not the general consensus, please let me, Dora Ho, or Rodney Lippard know.

    Thanks again!  See you in Chicago!


    P.S.  Sorry to those that don't like pie charts... I am, after all, a baker! ;-)

    PIe Chart with Late Afternoon/Early Evening winning at 60.3%.  Mornings = 25.6%. Late Evenings = 14%
    Pie Chart with 1 hour length winning 73.8%, 1.5 hours = 26.2%

    Susan Jennings
    Dean of Library Services
    Chattanooga State Community College
    Tennessee Chapter Councilor
    Chapter Relations Committee, Chair