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Joint PBA/BARC/Division Leadership meeting during ALA Midwinter

  • 1.  Joint PBA/BARC/Division Leadership meeting during ALA Midwinter

    Posted Sep 13, 2019 04:03 PM
    PBA members,

    During ALA Midwinter, we will try something new for the PBA meeting which is followed by the BARC/Division Leadership meeting.  These two meetings on Sunday afternoon have significant overlap for agenda topics and many individuals have to attend both meetings.  The second BARC/Division Leadership meeting also tends to run until the Sunday afternoon general session speaker.  This year, BARC Chair Peter Hepburn and I want to try something new that we hope will be more efficient and will also provide some critical discussion time as we want to begin to examine the overhead rate as well as cover critical financial issues for PBA and Division Leadership individuals.  We believe to do this, we need a bit more than our regular time and we would benefit from a broad discussion.

    As you plan your Midwinter schedule, please note the revised time will be Sunday afternoon, 1:00-3:00.

    We realize that some division folks might need to come late and some PBA folks might need to leave early but this was already occurring in our regular meetings.  By alerting you to this schedule time now, we hope you are able to plan your schedule accordingly.  We are adjusting the ALA Scheduler as well.

    Please let Peter or me know if you have any questions.  A detailed agenda and more information will be forthcoming closer to the Midwinter meeting.

    Thank you!

    Maggie Farrell
    ALA Treasurer
    Dean of Libraries
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas