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Executive Director Search - Voting soon

  • 1.  Executive Director Search - Voting soon

    Posted Nov 13, 2017 09:11 AM

    From Jim Neal:

    Council Colleagues, thanks to the members of Council who have shared their views on the educational requirements for the ALA executive director position. We will now proceed with the vote. Only 2017-18 members of Council are eligible to participate. Susan Hildreth will introduce the formal resolution. The vote will proceed on the polling function in Connect. JoAnne Kempf and Lois Ann Gregory Wood will provide instructions. Councilors may vote Yes, No or Abstain. A Yes vote is in favor of changing the current required Master’s Degree to a preferred Master’s Degree. For the vote to be valid, at least 50 percent of Councilors must participate. According to the ALA By-laws, approval of the resolution in an electronic vote requires a 75 percent majority of those voting Yes or No. These requirements have been confirmed by Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian. The ballot will open at 12 noon Central time today, Monday, November 13, and will close at 12 noon Central time on Monday, November 20. The ballots will be verified, and the results will be reviewed by the ALA Parliamentarian before they are announced by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 21.  Jim Neal.