ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group

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aka "Big Heads"

Meets and discusses informally problems within the field of technical services which are common to the administration of large research libraries.

Annual Meeting 2011  

Jun 16, 2011 03:53 PM

ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group

Friday, June 24, 2011

9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Grand Salon B



       9:30-9:40       Introductions/Announcements (approval of Midwinter minutes)

       9:40-10:10     Print repositories and collaborations: impact on local retention

                                 (leads Catherine Tierney; Robert Wolven)

      10:10-10:45    Reaching the point of least description: full-text (no description required?)  (leads Lisa German; Martin Kurth) 

see video clip and context statement below

      10:45-11:00    RDA at the US National Libraries (Beacher Wiggins; Chris Cole; Jennifer Marill) 

                              LC’s Transforming our Bibliographic Framework (Beacher Wiggins)

      11:00-11:15    Break

      11:15-11:30    PCC and RDA (John Riemer)

                              RDA and Us:  quick check-in around the table for our local response to RDA (Big Head members)

      11:30-11:50    Round Robin ruminations: highlights from our Round Robin reports (lead Peggy Johnson)         

      11:50-12:15    The Cataloging survey: What it tells us about existing services and service gaps

      12:15-12:30    Administration

                                 --election of vice chair/chair-elect

                                 --meeting structure, setting agendas, lunch


Context statement:  Reaching the point of least description 

Video as background ‘reading’:

Many of us tech services administrator types operate under the hope that at some point in the future we'll be able to invest less in cataloging textual resources than we currently do because the full text of those resources will be better integrated into our search tools, thus making some or all of the contents of the catalog records for those resources redundant. A corollary to that hope is that when this point is reached we'll be able to divert cataloger time to non-textual resources, which will likely continue to benefit from having textual surrogates accompany them to help people find them.

In an era of cooperation and consortia, could we take a further leap by consolidating cataloging services? If we're already doing this, can we share with each other our successes and pitfalls?  Or if we're not, what's stopping us?  What's holding us back?

For those of us around the table or around the room, do you subscribe to these hopes? Would you recast them in any way? What are the inhibitors and facilitators for reaching the "point of least description" for textual resources? Have we already reached that point and we missed it? If we're not there yet, what can we do now to prepare?


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