Find Your Niche


ALCTS has five sections, each one focuses on its own area of library technical services.


Acquisition and associated bibliographic control for all formats of information resources through purchase, lease, and other access methods and in all types of libraries.

Cataloging and Metadata Management

Cataloging and classification of information resources with developed and developing metadata structure and content standards. Using standards to provide intellectual access to and organize information resources in both traditional and nontraditional settings.

Collection Management

Collection management and development through selecting and evaluating all types of library materials in all types of institutions.

Continuing Resources

Theory and practice concerning continuing resources in all formats.

Preservation & Reformatting

Preserving and reformatting all types of library materials in all types of institutions and taking the lead in applying new technologies to assure continued access to library collections.

Interest Groups

ALCTS interest groups offer:

  • unique opportunities to be involved in the association
  • a forum for networking and for great discussions of hot topics
  • avenues for producing publications and developing and presenting programs
  • any number of subgroups, task forces, and working groups to support the group's function and work
  • a venue for people with similar interests in issues, problems, and topics to assemble

Make plans to attend one of the IG meetings—we will be glad to have you!