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  • * some cross-posting has taken place, apologies * :) Hello metadata/cataloging friends, I am gathering observations and technical information at a larger scale on BIBFRAME with this survey – which is intended to see where folks and institutions ...

  • ​Hello colleagues: It was wonderful to see everyone at ALA Annual in Washington, D.C. Many thanks to everyone who visited the Nation's Capitol and the Library of Congress during the conference. I'm attaching for your information the presentations given ...


  • 2020 ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group ALA Midwinter Meeting

    Please join us for the ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group Meeting:

    Monday, January 27, 2020
    9:00-10:00 a.m.
    Pennsylvania Convention Center, Nutter Theater



    Lori Robare (Monographic Catalog Team Leader, University of Oregon Libraries)

    "Exploring Wikidata and Its Potential Use for Library Data"

    Wikidata is a knowledge base of structured, open linked data – multilingual and collaboratively edited. It supports Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects and serves as a linking hub for identifiers (from the Library of Congress, ORCID, ISNI, etc.). As libraries begin to transition from MARC-based bibliographic data to linked data and from authority control to identity management, Wikidata provides interesting opportunities for collaboration that may enrich Wikidata and benefit library discovery. This presentation will describe a sabbatical project to explore the use of Wikidata as an approach to identity management, raise the profile of people and organizations important to Oregon by creating structured data about them and their works in Wikidata, and explore the feasibility of using Wikidata as a platform for publishing and linking library authority data.


    Chris Long (Head of Monographic and Special Materials Cataloging, University Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder)

    "Investigating the Identifier Ecosystem of the University of Colorado Boulder Faculty"

    So many possible identity management projects, so little time! The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) has promoted several opportunities for members to extend their identifier creation work beyond NACO records (ISNI, Wikidata, etc.), but with limited resources it is difficult to know what is the best use of our catalogers’ time.  This presentation will discuss the preliminary work being done at CU Boulder (in conjunction with the PCC URIs in MARC Pilot) to examine the current “identifier ecosystem” of CU Boulder faculty, including:

    • the prevalence of existing identifiers (VIAF, ISNI, ORCID, Wikidata identifiers) for a sample population of faculty;
    • the overlap of identifiers in NACO, VIAF, ISNI, ORCID, and Wikidata records;
    • and potential strategies for identifier enrichment for CUB faculty.


    Ben Walker (Associate Dean, Discovery, Digital Services & Shared Collections, University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries)

    "Alphabet soup: Balancing the (sometimes) competing demands in shared collections"

    The University of Florida is involved in multiple shared print programs (ASERL/Scholars Trust, EAST, HathiTrust, Rosemont Shared Print Alliance) and leads other shared print initiatives (FLARE, JRNL). This creates sometimes competing demands for resources. This conversation will outline some of the challenges we have faced and point out areas for potential alignment. While not intended to provide comprehensive solutions, it may help generate thought and discussion around the topic of shared collections. 


    For more information about this session, contact co-chairs Dave Van Kleeck ( and Renee Bu (

  • 2019 ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group ALA Annual Meeting

    Please join us for the ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group Meeting:

    Monday, June 24, 2019
    9:00-10:00 a.m.
    Washington Convention Center
    Room 146B Theatre


    Nicole Smeltekop (Special Materials Catalog Librarian,, Lucas Mak (Metadata and Catalog Librarian,, Lisa Lorenzo (Metadata Librarian,, and Elisa Landaverde (Metadata Librarian & Special Collections LGBTQ+ Collection Curator,, Michigan State University Libraries
    “In Search of Name Identifiers: Assigning ISNI to Named Entities in Digital Collections”
    The Michigan State University Library digital repository is the home of numerous collections of digitized materials in a variety of formats, including photographs, recorded interviews, cookbooks, and more. A significant number of digital repository items will not be cataloged, and thus named entities in those items cannot have their URIs minted through the traditional NACO process. Moreover, not all personnel in the repository metadata unit have been trained to do the complex NACO work. Minting URIs through ISNI seems to be a desirable alternative. Piggybacking on our PCC ISNI Pilot experience, the repository metadata unit embarked on a journey to assign ISNI to personal and corporate entities used in the digital repository and add the URIs to the corresponding MARC records. Besides talking about difficulties encountered and tricks learned during the ISNI assignment process, this presentation will also discuss necessary adjustments to metadata records and downstream processing to accommodate ISNI, as well as some outstanding data encoding issues in both MODS and MARC.

    Brian Falato (Senior Cataloger, Collections & Discovery, University of South Florida Tampa Library,
    “Charting a Course for Collaboration Between an Academic Library and Museum: Cataloging the Touchton Map Collection for the Tampa Bay History Center”
    The Tampa Bay History Center, a regional history museum in Tampa, Florida, has partnered with the University of South Florida (USF) on a project at the History Center called the Florida Center for Cartographic Education. As part of the project, it was agreed that USF would catalog the map collection donated to the Center by Tom Touchton. Starting in February 2019, a cataloger from the USF Tampa Campus Library has come to the History Center two days a week to provide catalog records for the maps, searching OCLC and providing original records as needed. Cataloging information is placed in both the History Center’s Luna catalog and the Aleph catalog used by USF. The presentation will detail the process of work in the various catalogs and discuss the level of cataloging used. The talk will also feature some of the unusual maps in the collection that have been cataloged.

    Erin Grant (Director, Cataloging and Metadata Services, University of Washington,
    “Restructuring the Cataloging Policy Committee to Tackle Backlogs and Support the Strategic Plan”
    Last year, the University of Washington Libraries revamped its Cataloging Policy Committee, a group that primarily discussed national cataloging policies, into the Cataloging Policy and Practice Committee. This new iteration of the committee now serves as a forum for catalogers and cataloging stakeholders to plan and discuss cataloging work, and to establish and prioritize goals in alignment with the UW Libraries’ new Strategic Plan. A strategic committee membership structure was developed to involve colleagues outside of cataloging on a rotating, project-like basis. This cross-portfolio membership will enable CPPC to play an instrumental role in prioritizing and tackling cataloging backlogs while continuing to develop institutional responses to changes in cataloging and metadata practices. This presentation will cover background and catalysts for change, how the committee was restructured to facilitate collaboration and information sharing, and committee initiatives over the past year.

    For more information about this session, contact co-chairs Angela Kinney ( and David Van Kleeck (

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