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ALA Midiwnter 2019 - Meeting aggenda and Presentations

  • 1.  ALA Midiwnter 2019 - Meeting aggenda and Presentations

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    Catalog Management Interest Group (ALCTS CaMMS)

    Saturday, January 26
    1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Location: Renaissance, Madison Ballroom

    1. Presentation: Invest in projects that make the most impact: George Washington University's Alma migration experience 
         Please follow the link to the presentation

    Abstract: George Washington University (GW) migrated from Voyager to Alma/Primo VE in July 2018. GW Resource Description Group (RDG), the unit responsible for cataloging and metadata creation, began its preparation for this migration even before the Washington Research Library Consortium announced the migration decision in summer 2016. While two years seem a long time for data cleanup, there is never enough resource to get all the work done as we desire to complete. Facing this dilemma, RDG decided to focus on projects that make the most impact during the pre-migration phase and left others for the post-migration phase. The result was satisfactory overall even though there were few regrets. This presentation will summarize the rationales behind some of the major decisions, tools we chose to implement the cleanup projects, and expected and unexpected outcomes of these actions.

    Presenter: TJ Kao, Continuing Resource Metadata Professional/Interim Resource Description Coordinator, George Washington University  :

    2. Presentation: Managing our metadata: pre- and post-migration planning and workflows [Alma migration] 
        Please see the attached presentation slides

    Abstract: As we all know, metadata management is a crucial part of how we provide access to our users. This is never more true than when planning for a system migration. In 2017 and 2018, staff in the George Mason University Libraries technical services department spent the majority of their time either preparing for or dealing with the aftermath of a migration from Ex Libris' Voyager to Ex Libris' Alma. Pre-migration, this ranged from selecting a group of staff to spend the majority of their time performing intensive edits of bibliographic and holdings data (including adding linked data via MarcEdit), to resolving OCLC DataSync issues and performing bulk MARC field changes. Post-migration, this encompassed holding brainstorming sessions to identify and tackle problems exposed during the migration process and developing workflows to deal with those issues. In this presentation we will discuss the projects we undertook pre- and post-migration, lessons we learned along the way, and things we would do differently if we had the chance.

    Presenters: Tricia Mackenzie, Head of Metadata Services, George Mason University Libraries; Kimberley A. Edwards, Information Analyst for Technical Services Group, George Mason University Libraries

    3. Planning for the Catalog Management IG meeting at the ALA Annual Conference, June 2019, Washington, DC

    We would like to hear your suggestions about presentations topics, meeting format, any other ideas that will contribute to making the meeting most beneficial to attendees.

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