ALCTS CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Asian & African Materials

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1. To consider all aspects of problems in the bibliographic organization of materials issued in or dealing with Africa and Asia, with the exception of Asiatic Russia. 2. To review the use of the various ISBDs for describing materials written in nonalphabetic scripts or nonroman alphabets used in these areas and make recommendations concerning them to the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access....

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CC:AAM Meeting, Midwinter 2019: Agenda

  • 1.  CC:AAM Meeting, Midwinter 2019: Agenda

    Posted Jan 18, 2019 10:46 AM
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    Below is the agenda for our meeting in Seattle (also attached in Word).  Members: if you will be submitting a written report, remember to get it to me by next Wednesday.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    A reminder that guests are welcome at our meetings!


    CC:AAM Meeting at ALA Annual, New Orleans
    (during CaMMS All Committee Meeting)
    Hyatt Regency Seattle, Lower Ballroom East B
    Sunday, January 27th
    8:30 AM-10:00 AM


    I. Introductions
    II. Approval of CC:AAM minutes from ALA Annual 2018
    III. Committee use of ALA Connect
    IV. Committee membership: succession planning
    V. BIBFRAME testing and LD4P2
    VI. Internationalization statement follow-up: best practices with examples
    VII. Encoding problems with Tamil script
    VIII. Romanization: updates
    IX. Reports
    a. Library of Congress (Jessalyn Zoom)
    b. OCLC (Cynthia Whitacre)
    c. ALC (Charles Riley)
    d. CEAL (Karen Yu)
    e. CONSALD (Prema Desai)
    f. CORMOSEA (Virginia Shih)
    g. MELA (Joyce Bell)
    h. CC:DA (Jia Xu)
    X. Other business

    Robert Rendall
    Principal Serials Cataloger
    Columbia University Libraries