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EBSS Advisory Council Minutes, Midwinter Meeting 2018 

Feb 08, 2018 12:49 PM

EBSS Advisory Midwinter Meeting Minutes 2018

Day and Time: Friday January 12, 2018, 12:00 pm PST/3:00 EST

Location/Mode: Virtual via WebEx

Convener: Joyce Garczynski

Minute taker: Samantha Godbey



Present: Joyce Garczynski (Chair), Jill Erin Morningstar (Vice-Chair), Kaya Van Beynen (Past-Chairperson), Samantha Godbey (Secretary), Dorinne E. Banks, Paul L. Belloni, Jodie L. Borgerding , Stephanie R. Davis-Kahl, Rachael Elrod, Sarah W. French, Diane M. Fulkerson, Deborah B. Gaspar, Mandy L. Havert, Andrea Hebert, April Marie Hines, Alex R. Hodges, Anita Kuiken, Cassandra Kvenild, Qunying Li, Amanda Melilli, Catherine Helen Michael, Kimberly Miller, Tina Mullins, Nancy P. O'Brien, Amanda L. W. Ziegler, Daniel P. Zuberbier

Not present: Katherine Eileen Boss, Callie Wiygul Branstiter, Yu-Hui Chen, Christina Cicchetti, Scott Collard, Bernadette A. Lear, Amber A. Prentiss, James W. Rosenzweig, Elena M. Soltau, Heidi E.K. Senior, Todd Shipman



Call to order (Garczynski) - 3:00

Approval of agenda – Agenda was approved

Minutes for Annual Meeting were approved virtually after Annual. (


Officer Reports

Chair (Garczynski)- Joyce has been cleaning up rosters on website (wrong chair, etc. – information is now pulling directly from ACRL platform). Also working on social media presence – promoting EBSS via Facebook page, etc. with goal of increasing membership.

Proposal not accepted for program for ALA annual this year (200% increase for submissions for ALA annual).

Advisory will be meeting virtually for annual this year. Each committee will be able to decide whether to hold in-person or virtual meeting.

Vice-Chair (Jill Morningstar) – Jill has been meeting with each of the chairs – will be contacting chairs re: follow-up items from those meetings.

Past Chair (Kaya Van Beynen) – Has some swag but is not coming to ALA Annual, needs to send it to someone – Kaya and Nancy will communicate after to coordinate sending it to a local committee member.  

Secretary (Samantha Godbey) – Samantha reminded chairs to send agendas and minutes to her. She will be contacting chairs re: missing items in the coming weeks.

Members-at-Large (Cass Kvenild) - 24 attendees at fall discussion. Cass and Yu-Hui will be organizing spring discussion soon


Committee Reports

50th Anniversary committee (Nancy O’Brien)

    • Event will be June 22, 6:00 pm, Redfish Grill in New Orleans, $10 paid admission fee

    • 2 sponsors, working on more

Awards (Stephanie Davis-Kahl)

    • Committee is reviewing applications for latest cycle of APA travel award

    • Reviewed nominations for distinguished librarian – will be notifying recipient today, official announcement by ALA Press Office in March

    • Not as many nominations as they’d hoped, maybe something to discuss in future

Communications Studies (April Hines)

    • Interviewing journalism professors, students re: information gathering

    • Finalizing interview questions, working on IRB approval, 5 interviews for each committee member – will translate those into learning objectives

    • Also working on media tour for New Orleans

Conference Program Planning--New Orleans, 2018 (Deborah Gaspar)

    • Switching over to forum format – program not accepted, looking for panelists/librarians who work to create safe spaces

    • Look for call on listserv in the next week

Curriculum Materials (Amanda Melilli)

    • Finalizing edits on guide for CMCs

    • Next, looking at gathering resources for CMCs in response to need for prof development on marketing CMC collections

Education (Dorinne  Banks, Alex Hodges)

    • Have been working on three projects – first is Slack channel for committee workspace (complete)

    • (in process) with Online Research Committee – creating best practices for working with online and distance students

    • (in future) covering subdisciplines (e.g. special ed, international education) – creating frameworks or collection dev policies for these – looking for collaborations across EBSS

Education Research Libraries Discussion Group – No report

Electronic Resources in Communication Studies (Catherine Michael)

    • Library Resources for Communications Studies LibGuide in final stages – publication committee review in March, to be published by annual

Higher Education (Sarah French)

    • Published article in fall newsletter re: Systematic Reviews

    • Designing survey items for EBSS membership to determine next project -- Competencies of interest to librarians, topics for which librarians provide instruction

Instruction for Educators – Dan Zuberbier and Diane Fulkerson

    • Currently updating Info Lit standards for Teacher Education (last revised 2011)

    • This fall – annotated bibliography to familiarize re: threshold concepts

    • Working on platform/format for standards crosswalk to framework and connecting to education standards, hopefully complete by March, then lit review

Membership (Qunying Li)

    • Completed a membership survey – most people get to know EBSS by co-workers

Nominating Committee

    • No report

    • Make any suggestions for positions to Kaya

Online Learning (Amanda Ziegler)

    • Collaborating with Education Committee on libguide re: best practices for librarians working with online students

Psychology (Kimberly Miller)

    • Working on background research for updating Psychology info lit standards, framework companion document

Publications (Jodie Borgerding)

    • Planning to revamp design of newsletter in honor of EBSS 50th

    • Kaya noted – ACRL logo/branding will require caution

    • Hoping to include EBSS Timeline, interviews with people involved in the section, any help or ideas/suggestions for the 50th anniversary part of the newsletter from members would be helpful

    • Send suggestions for content and interviews for the 50th Anniversary issue to Emily Darowski (Newsletter Editor) at

    • Per Jodie, if creating or heavily revising content on a libguide, definitely send to committee for review. If doing something smaller, still let Publications Committee know, and they can do a light review.

ERIC Users (Paul Belloni)

    • ERIC has launched new widget – committee is working on promoting this, providing feedback

    • Looking at incomplete libguide previously worked on by past committee members.

Reference Sources (Rachael Elrod)

    • Working on a survey for postsecondary faculty and students in the area of education and perceptions about online research. Going through IRB approval, distributing through their own campuses. Will be asking EBSS members to help in distribution of survey. Also, committee is requesting funds from EBSS for incentives (see Other Business below).

Research (Samantha Godbey)

    • Committee is gearing up to work on the Research Forum this spring.

    • Surveyed membership via listserv and decided to keep last year’s lightning talk format and a separate event. In the future, the committee has the option to join the larger ALA poster session.

Scholarly Communication (Mandy Havert)

    • Sent an open access email on listserv around open access week

    • Plan to reach out to publishers re: their plans for effecting change in schol comm environment

    • Working on a scholarly communication toolkit for libguide

Social work – No report


Other Business

Budget requests (total budget = $1370 for the year):

    • Reference Sources request for money for incentives – ~$100

      • Debbie thought it was a good idea

    • 50th Anniversary Committee (cost of event = $6000 – already have 2 corporate sponsors for $4000, need as much as possible from EBSS)

    • Feedback can be sent directly to Joyce. Decisions will be made at Exec Committee meeting next week

Transforming Listserv Administrator position to a Communication Manager position

    • Call for new listserv administrator got no interest

    • Possibility of transitioning this to broader role as Communications Manager who would manage social media presence and be in charge of broad communications strategies for section,  move to part of Publications Committee, with involvement with Membership Committee

    • Comments:

    • Alex Hodges – possibility of Slack or other more contemporary format

    • Tina Mullins – good idea – longer term?

    • Nancy O’Brien recommended putting together a full position description

    • Next step – Joyce will craft position description to share with Advisory for feedback

Time to encourage EBSS members to volunteer for 2018-2019 committees

    • Feb 15 Deadline for nominations

    • As you meet with committees, encourage committee members to renew, apply, check dates on their current appointments


Meeting Adjourned: 12:56 PST/ 3:56 EST

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