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EBSS Advisory Council Minutes, ALA Annual 2017 

Jul 07, 2017 11:58 AM

EBSS Advisory Annual Meeting Minutes 2017 

Day and Time:   Sunday, June 25, 2017, 3:00 CST

Location/Mode: in person, ALA Annual, Chicago Hilton, Chicago
Convener: Kaya van Beynen
Minute taker: Ericka Raber
Members Present: Laura Bonella, Yu-Hui Chen, Scott Collard, Rachel Elrod, Deborah Gaspar, Samantha Godbey, Cass Kvenild, Jill Morningstar, Nancy O’Brien, Ericka Raber, James Rosenzweig, Cheri Smith, Kaya van Beynen

Members Excused: Tiffany Baglier,Dorinne Banks,Jodi Borgerding, Katherine Boss, Christina Cicchetti, Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Damecia Donahue, Sarah French, Joyce Garczynski, April Hines, Alex Hodges, Bernadette Lear, Dana Peterman, Heidi Senior, Elena Soltau, Judy Walker


Call to order (van Beynen) – van Beynen called meeting to order at 3:00.

Approval of the agenda (van Beynen) –Agenda was approved; additions: next year’s conference program ideas.

Minutes (van Beynen; Raber)

Minutes for Midwinter EBSS Advisory Council: These were approved virtually after Midwinter.


Chair: (K. van Beynen): Money for section available: ~$600. Kaya reported for Elena Soltau (Membership) that membership is steady with a small increase. Boxes of swag (post-its and clips) were available at ACRL 101.

Vice Chair: (J. Garczynski) – Joyce reported via email that there were 156 volunteers for committees. 89 appointments offered, and 87 appointments accepted.

Secretary: (E. Raber) – Reminder to committee chairs to submit minutes for Midwinter 2017 and Annual 2017, when approved.

Past Chair: (B. Lear) – No report. Will discuss updates to EBSS Manual at Executive Board meeting.

Members At-Large: (J. Morningstar; Y-H. Chen) – Two webinars were offered during last year: OERs and Systematic Reviews. OER session was too introductory for audience; Jill recommends clarifying expectations with presenter in advance of session. We may want to revisit more advanced discussion of OERs in future. Systematic Reviews session was well received.



50th Anniversary Committee (S. Collard, N. O’Brien) –Anniversary celebration will be held in New Orleans, ALA Annual, 2018, 6:30, Friday night. Celebration will be combined with social event; looking for sponsorship. Expecting ~70 people. Pre-registration fee: $10. Cost estimate for event: ~$50/person = ~$3500. There will be a brief talk from Chair. Consider thematic link with EBSS Program. Revenue sources: ticket cost, vendor, EBSS general funds.

Awards (S. Davis-Kahl) –Kaya reported that ACRL Board will discuss at this conference proposal to keep unfunded Distinguished Librarian Award.

No Other Committee Reports


Budget-- ~$600. Discussion in favor of supporting purchase of swag for 50th Anniversary event and ACRL scholarship for conference attendance. Discussion of possibly using funds for incentive money for Reference Committee research project: faculty survey of Education resources. It was determined that the research project was not far enough along to be able to make use of funds by Aug. deadline.

SITES Liaison Kaya reported that EBSS is looking for a SITES liaison. SITES is the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. The liaison must be a member of both organizations, and attend both conferences.

Action Item: Kaya will put out a call to EBSS for SITES liaison.

2018 Conference Program  Discussion of program topics. EBSS will need to identify a section to partner with. Topic should have a broad interest. Impactful Partnerships program with University Libraries Section at this conference was well received. Ideas: systematic reviews (perhaps with ANSS); research methodologies expanding into behavioral sciences; charter schools; library’s impact on student retention; media training (for faculty: how to talk about research; for library staff: how to handle a crisis)

Action Item: Deborah Gaspar, Chair of the Conference Program Planning Committee will work to find a partnering section to sponsor program idea.

Adjournment (K. van Beynen) Meeting adjourned at 3:45. 


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