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Instruction for Diverse Populations Bibliography (revised 2015)

This is the link for the IS-Instruction for Diverse Populations (Zotero) Bibliography: instruction for diverse populations committee/items #GeneralNewsandDiscussion #bibliography

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Student Retention Bibliography

This document is meant to serve as a collaborative bibliography for discussion members to share resources related to student retention. Please share articles, books, blog posts, etc. Feel free to annotate if necessary. We can also pull from this list to choose articles for our monthly...

Discussion Thread 2
Test for bibliography

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EBSS Current Topics Discussion #1 Bibliography for Are Reference Collections DOA in the 21st Century?

See the original announcement for this event at See documents resulting from this discussion, including a link to the recording and an attached set of notes at ...

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Bibliography of Citations Related to the Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy

Please add your citations to the document here. Feb. 5, 2010 UPDATE: The due date is Friday, February 26, 2010. I. Learners A. Audiences--Chris B.Skills--Ashley C. Learning Styles--Jaqui II. Teaching A. Pedagogy--Catherine B. Design & Implementation--Catherine C. Methods of...