Ms. Catherine Michael

Ithaca College Library

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Ithaca College Library
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Reference librarian at Ithaca College and liaison to the Park School of Communications (Journalism, Strat Comm, TVR) as well as the Legal Studies program. Serves the information needs of the Ithaca College campus community through collaborating with faculty on information literacy instruction, answering reference questions, adapting to new media and means of accessing information, and collecting diverse media that will support the educational mission of Ithaca College. Monitors changes to laws and the media industry via reading and social media.

A member of the American Library Association, collaborates with colleagues nationally on information literacy, telecommunications, electronic resource evaluation, freedom of information, and other key areas of concern.

Specialties: Database searching, library instruction, collection development, marketing library services, information literacy, communications and legal studies research. Specific areas of interest include: indy media, media literacy, media law, constitutional law, and scholarly communications.

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