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Attached are the ACRL Standards Committee 2017 ALA Annual Meeting notes. ACRL SC 2017 Annual Meeting Notes.docx #GeneralNewsandDiscussion
Greetings! Please find attached the Standards Committee Year-end Report (2016-17) and Annual Work Plan (2017-18). Thanks to you all for all the work you have done this past year!
Greetings! Please be sure to review the attached Standards Committee Annual Report (2016/17) and Work Plan (2017/18). We will discuss at Annual meeting. I will not have copies for everyone (it's nine pages) so please bring your own or ensure access on electronic device of choice! Safe travels ...
ACRL SC 2017 Annual Agenda.docx
Greetings! Please find attached the Agenda for our meeting during ALA Annual 2017. See you all on Sunday, June 25! Safe travels to all. Best, Marla
Feb 3 2017 3:36PM Amanda Xu : Approve Feb 3 2017 4:28PM Ted Mulvey : Approve Feb 8 2017 2:44PM Marla Peppers : Abstain Feb 9 2017 1:12PM Binh Le : Approve
Thanks to all who attended the 2017 Midwinter meeting! After one week of review, no corrections have been made. Final version posted here and will be sent to ACRL Board contact, as appropriate. Cheers! Marla ACRL SC 2017 Midwinter Meeting notes FINAL.pdf #GeneralNewsandDiscussion
Jan 27 2017 11:06PM Robin Ottoson : Approve Jan 30 2017 10:11AM Ted Mulvey : Approve Jan 30 2017 1:44PM Marla Peppers : Approve Jan 31 2017 4:39PM Kim Eccles : Approve Jan 31 2017 5:22PM Amanda Xu : Do Not Approve Feb 1 2017 12:30AM Adriene Lim : Approve Feb 1 2017 9:22AM Binh Le : Approve
Attached! See you on Sunday! Marla
ACRL SC 2017 Midwinter Agenda.docx
ACRL SC 2017 Midwinter Agenda.docx
Attached! See you on Sunday! Marla
2016-2017_Standards-Committee_Annual_Report_and_Work_Plan.docx #GeneralNewsandDiscussion