ACRL e-Learning Webcast - Controversial Topics and Difficult Dialogues - Strategies for Addressing M

When:  Feb 21, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (CT)
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Misinformation and fake news are deeply complex and often fraught issues that can be difficult to address in the library. Misinformation is in many respects designed to play on people’s emotions, to polarize issues, and to heighten controversy. Navigating these currents in lessons on media literacy is a challenge many librarians face. This webcast will focus on strategies, techniques, and ideas to empower librarians to confidently tackle topics like misinformation in the library. If librarians are empowered and confident in their ability to address misinformation in the library, then they can better empower their patrons to strengthen their own media literacy skills and grapple with misinformation themselves.

In this webcast, participants will first unpack some of the trends, concepts, and ideas surrounding misinformation, Next participants will discuss and explore strategies and techniques for addressing controversial or polarizing information in the library. Participants will leave with concrete strategies and action plans that they can implement in their own libraries for tackling controversial topics, misinformation, and media literacy. This webcast will incorporate ample time for interactive discussion, reflection, brainstorming, sharing, and questions.



Margot Conahan
(312) 280-2522