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Request to Participate in Research re: Subject Librarian Competencies

  • 1.  Request to Participate in Research re: Subject Librarian Competencies

    Posted 26 days ago


    Over the past year, BYU Library's Assessment Department has sought to identify and validate a set of subject librarian consultation competencies. Thus far, this effort has included a literature review and two validation rounds at Brigham Young University. We seek a broader student sample to help validate the competencies we have identified.

    We are asking for your help. If you agree to participate, you will conduct student consultations (online or in-person) as you normally would. Following the consultation, we ask you to invite the student to participate in a short (3-5 minute, 8-question) survey. The survey does not collect any data that would identify you or the student. The survey invitation may be given to the student in one of three ways:

    1. If you have an automated system for booking appointments (e.g., LibCal), you may send the invitation automatically as a follow-up to your consultation.
    2. You may manually send the survey request as a follow-up to your consultation.
    3. You may hand the student a flyer (with a QR code and survey link) explaining the study and asking for their participation.

       We are only asking you to send the invitation to each student after each consultation during the data collection period. We will be collecting data from 1 January 2022 to 30 April 2022. You may join or leave the study at any time, but we hope to have everyone signed up prior to January 2022. If you are willing to help with this study, please email me ( ) so I can send the consent form to you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

      Thank you for your help and consideration of this request.

      Holt Zaugg, PhD

      Assessment Librarian


      Additional notes:

      • For the purposes of this study, we are defining subject librarians as library employees with expertise in specific disciplines and library science expertise. A subject librarian may have another title at your library (e.g., liaison librarian, subject specialist, curator).
      • The study's intent is to have a set of competencies subject librarians may use to prepare for and conduct a consultation. The competencies may also be used for professional development purposes and to help with the onboarding of new subject librarians. They are not intended to be used as metrics for tenure and promotion evaluations.

      Rebecca Croxton, PhD
      Chair, ACRL VAL Committee (2021-2022)
      Head of Assessment
      UNC Charlotte, J. Murrey Atkins Library
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