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Charge: Responsible for overseeing the development of standards and guidelines adopted and promoted by the Association.

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Document to Review- Framework Companion

  • 1.  Document to Review- Framework Companion

    Posted Sep 01, 2021 09:12 PM
    Moving right along-- we have a Framework Companion to review.

    I am posting the transmittal form and the Framework Companion document here for your review.

    I have pulled a few specific sections from our charge that may be beneficial to you in guiding our work. The full policy can be found here:
    #5 & 6 under 14.4 state our current work tasks
    • Upon receipt of a new or revised standard, guideline, or framework document from an ACRL unit, SC reviews the document and the Transmittal Form to determine if it is consistent with other ACRL standards, guidelines, and frameworks. If SC has any concerns, it responds to the unit with specific comments or suggestions.
    • Upon receipt of a final draft of a standard, guideline, or framework document, and after a final review in relation to current ACRL standards, guidelines, and frameworks, SC recommends acceptance or non-acceptance of the standard, guideline, or framework document to the ACRL Board and, at the same time, notifies the committee or section that initiated the standard, guideline, or framework.
    Please review the documents and vote using the poll here:
    If you have specific comments you would like to make regarding the document, please reply to this post so they can be recorded and, if needed,  passed on to the drafting committee. I would like to have all votes recorded by the end the day Sept 17th.

    Please let me know if you have questions.


    Elizabeth Burns
    Associate Professor
    Old Dominion University