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Provides a forum for exchanging information between science and technology publishers and vendors and science and technology librarians.

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STS Publisher Vendor Relations DG Presentations from MW2018

  • 1.  STS Publisher Vendor Relations DG Presentations from MW2018

    Posted Feb 27, 2018 08:55 AM

    We had three speakers join us for the Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group's midwinter session in Denver. Forty three people were in attendance and the session was moderated by co-chairs Edward Lener and Elizabeth Soergel (slides attached)

    Anne Beynon from Clarivate Analytics spoke about the history and development of citation metrics and on-going research efforts at the company. (Talk only, no slides).

    Sara Rouhi from Altmetric.Com spoke about the research life cycle and the difficulties researchers face in tracking the impact of all the different kinds of work they create. She shared ways that Digital Science is seeking to extract, connect, and enrich data to provide additional output metrics. (slides attached)

    Emily Wild from the USGS Library in Denver provided an overview of the publication output of the U.S. Geological Survey and shared her experiences working as a science librarian. She also shared details showing that USGS publications with hundreds of thousand of downloads or more may have only been cited a small number of times. (slides attached)