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Please Review and Give Feedback: FTL Nominees

  • 1.  Please Review and Give Feedback: FTL Nominees

    Posted May 17, 2016 03:34 PM

    Hi All,

    As discussed at our meeting, Amanda, Susanna, and I have finalized two nominations for upcoming FTL posts.  Please review and let us know if you are okay with us proceeding by Wednesday, May 25.


    1.  Jon Hufford (Texas Tech)  

    "Dr. Jon Hufford is the father of Library Instruction and outreach at Texas Tech University. Back in the day, he single handedly designed the Library Instruction curriculum and defended the importance of inculcating information literacy skills at all levels of scholarship at the Provost Council meeting and the initiative was accepted and implemented campus wide and ultimately system wide. The teaching of Library Instruction thus spread far beyond the South Plains region of Texas as many neighboring institutions consulted with the Texas Tech instruction team and shared curriculum development strategies, leading to far reaching ramifications on the quality of students’ information literacy skills. Dr. Hufford was not contented with just teaching literacy skills for he has also shared his knowledge by publishing extensively on the topic while also inculcating new teaching methods such as active, experiential and flipped learning during our meetings. He encouraged us to try them out in our teaching sessions and adopt what works best for our students. He has also initiated and chaired a workshop/seminar series, where library faculty come up with topics/subjects of interest that are shared through seminars and workshops geared towards specific departments or the general university community. It is a rigorous process as faculty submit proposals that are evaluated by the select committee that provides feedback for improvement if need be. He is so passionate about all that he does as can be seen in his ability to review and reinvent the programs though a periodic and systematic assessment of the programs. Committee members sit in during presentations and provide feedback on colleagues teaching style while the participants also provide feedback through a survey and all of the above are used to provide critic for improving or fine tuning presentation skills and general performance. Dr. Hufford is a passionate librarian who has done and continues to so much for instruction in the library and it is thanks to his initiatives that the library has become a hub for workshops and seminars. His ability to encourage younger colleagues to take on the mantle is commendable and he is so deserving of this recognition"

    --The subcommittee thought that the longevity of his career is unique, and his faculty development series, were interesting and could provide some good insight into keeping things fresh, avoiding burnout, etc.  


    2.  Shari Laster (UC Santa Barbara)

    "Shari Laster is an amazing teaching librarian. She really should be teaching others how to teach such as with Immersion. At UCSB, we teach a credit-bearing course (INT 1). While we limit enrollment to 25, some of us lose students after the first class. Shari always ends up with 28-29 or so with students wanting to crash her section. She also teaches courses for the Writing Program. In addition, when the rest of us are teaching our own section of the credit-bearing course, we ask her to come in as a guest lecturer for one session to teach about government documents and other government sources that the students may find useful for their research during some point of their college career. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious; you can tell she really loves teaching; loves her students even more; and goes out of her way to help her colleagues with their teaching too by giving feedback on teaching styles, subject matter and handouts. The fact that she is able to fill her classes with friends of former students is a testament to her abilities and caring personality. She is always on the hunt and finds tools online like Citation Relay ( and asks her instruction librarian colleagues to act as judges and provide her with feedback. She recently started the process for us to discuss/work/meet every other week. The point of this is make fairly substantial revisions to how she (and mostly likely the rest of us) teach INT 1 to (1) improve how she (we) incorporate some of the concepts from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, (2) adapt some ideas from the critical library instruction world, and (3) fix the assignments she’s [we’ve] been using that just don't work anymore. We are all extremely busy wearing many hats, and yet she is the one taking initiative to take on a huge project that will impact our instruction program and our students.

    --We liked that she teaches a credit-bearing course, as well as her experience with gov docs--a new perspective for this feature. We also thought that her emphasis on feedback and assessment demonstrate enthusiasm and a desire for continuous improvement.

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    Posted May 18, 2016 05:54 AM

    I like that each of these candidates are bringing something new to our FTL series.  I approve of both!  

    Thanks to Erin, Amanda, and Susanna for all their work on this project! 

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    Posted May 18, 2016 06:38 AM

    Love them both!

    (Full disclosure, I know Shari! We're both docs librarians and she writes for the journal I edit. She really is that awesome.)

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    Posted May 18, 2016 07:12 AM

    These candidates sound like great choices. Thanks to all of you for your work on this!

  • 5.  RE: Please Review and Give Feedback: FTL Nominees

    Posted May 31, 2016 08:29 AM

    These are excellent choices. Thanks to the FTL subcommittee for all their work this year!!!