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    Posted Dec 13, 2010 01:35 PM

    “Is it time to renew your ACRL membership?  Consider joining the College Library Section.


    CLS offers some great activities, publications, and networking opportunities.  Your Research Coach provides assistance with research and scholarly projects.  COLLIB-L, CLIP Notes, and the college web site of the month discuss issues and challenges related to college libraries.  Facebook and Twitter provide networking opportunities.


    The College Library Section has members from a variety of college libraries who share similar experiences and interests.”


    Here is a draft for listserv messages.  Feel free to edit.  I tend to be short so feel free to expand the message if you think it needs more.  We can add quotes.   The ACRL CLS brochure has 3 quotes so it can be something along those lines.


    Here are the quotes from the brochure


    Ronalee Ciocco – “Librarianship is a new profession for me, and by being on the CLS program committee I have been able to use my technical skills to help with the CLS annual program.  Being involved in CLS has been a great way for me to get involved in a professional organization!”


    Damon Hickey – “For me, ACRL has always been spelled CLS- The College Libraries Section.  CLS is where I’ve found friends, colleagues, and ideas that have enriched me both professionally and personally.  Academic librarianship, especially in a small college library, is a great career for anyone who loves students, ideas, teaching, guiding, colleagueship, scholarship, and watching and helping young people to grow and mature and step out on their own.  And ACRL (especially CLS) is THE organization for academic librarians!”


    Tom Kirk – “The College Library Section is the professional home for college librarians! But it is more than that, CLS provides a communication network by which college librarians can share and learn from other college librarians.  Because it is national and represents so many different types of college libraries, the information provided is broad and diverse.  It is a great way to learn from others and to learn one is not alone in the issues we individually face.”






    Sally Gibson

    Head of Technical Services

    Reinert Alumni Library

    Creighton University