ACRL IS Communication Committee Instruction Section

  • 1.  It's that time again!

    Posted Dec 21, 2015 03:31 PM

    Hi everyone,


    First of all: may you all have delightful holidays, and weather and travel. 


    Second of all: may your post-semester/holiday time off be plentiful!


    Lastly: I'll be rotating off Committee Chair come July 2016, Anne Driscoll will be taking the reigns as Chair (up from Vice-Chair) in June 2016, and the role of 2016-2017 Vice-Chair (2017-2018 Chair) will thus be vacant. 


    >> I'd love to hear from anyone interested in the role of Vice-Chair (don't be shy; I promise it's not so bad - either vice-chair or the eventual chairship!). If you have questions, let me know. I'm glad to answer any I can and/or refer/connect you with others who may be better question answerers. 


    Be merry, be well, and maybe, just maybe: Be our next vice-chair!