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2009 Annual Minutes of the EBSS Online Learning Research Committee

  • 1.  2009 Annual Minutes of the EBSS Online Learning Research Committee

    Posted Jul 17, 2009 05:32 PM


    EBSS Online Learning Research Committee Annual 2009 Committee Meeting Minutes

    Date:  Saturday, July 11th 10:30-12:00

    Committee Name:  Online Learning Research Committee

    Hyatt Regency McCormick (HRM) Conf. Ctr 12 A-C

    Name of Person Submitting Minutes:  Lori Mestre


    Members Present: 

    Lisa Baures, Beth Broyles, Corinne Bishop, Lori Mestre, Mona Niedbala, Alice Perez, Kate Silfen


    Members Excused:  Cindy Judd, Sarah Cantrell, Johan Oberg

    Visitor (incoming member) Sharon Naylor


    Discussion Topics:


    • Members introduced themselves.
    • Minutes from midwinter 2009 were approved.
    • Discussion of midwinter and virtual meetings. Lori informed the group that starting this year EBSS committees can decide if they want to meet at midwinter or have at least one virtual meeting in lieu of meeting and briefly explained the requirements for doing so (per ACRL). The group agreed that having a couple of virtual meetings throughout the year (perhaps quarterly) would be more beneficial to the work of the committee. Mona (as incoming chair) will coordinate those meetings. We discussed possibilities for conducting the virtual meetings including using Adobe Presenter (Lisa), and Eluminate (Lori and Sharon).
    • Mona summarized the proposal she submitted for the 2010 ALA midwinter discussion. In addition to Mona Niedbala, Veronica Bielat (incoming member), Lisa Baures and Lori Mestre have agreed to assist if accepted.
    • Toolkit update:

    a.       Lori reviewed the state of the Toolkit and the group agreed to work to move it to the EBSS wiki to help with the maintenance and updating.  Lori will work with Mona to submit the appropriate forms to EBSS publishing and also with Jessica Albano and Jill Woolums (web managers) to create a space on the EBSS wiki for us. 

    b.      Mona will coordinate with members of this committee to then take responsibility for one portion of the wiki to update.  This will need to be an ongoing task of this committee.

    c.       There was an initial conversation about additions to the wiki.  Lori agreed to do the following:

    • make sure that there is a category for assessment (which may be under Pedagogy).
    • Create a New Tools section. Periodically the person responsible for that section would then send out a notice to the EBSS list alerting them to check the wiki to see the new additions.
    • find out from Jessica/Jill if we can have a feedback form on the wiki for folks to suggest additions/corrections.
    • Overall, the group agreed that one of the values of the toolkit will be to find practical applications (best tools, how to use them and assessments. Once the content has been converted to the EBSS WIKi members can search out examples of projects others have done (such as in MERLOT, or in other learning object repositories). Other discussion about the content of the wiki will occur after the migration.
    • Survey Article

    a.       We reviewed the sections people have done and areas yet to be completed.  Additionally, Sharon (new to the project) will work on the section in the literature review that details the importance of librarians using learning objects for instruction/course management (perhaps including the state of where we are and what's happening). Although three of the authors will be rotating off the committee (Alice, Kate and Corinne) they agreed to continue working on their sections (and Alice agreed to contribute to the Discussion section).  Lori will go through the article (in track changes) with some feedback. 

    b.      Due to the difficulty of working with this draft in ALA Connect, Lori will migrate the article to Google Docs for us to work on.

    c.       Lori will prepare the forms for EBSS publishing to alert them to this article and get their assistance.  Beth will find out the contact person for us.

    • Future projects were briefly discussed, such as extending the Toolkit to include lesson plans and strategies for online learning. There was also interest in pursuing a focus on learning outcomes for online learning (type of learning outcome-and whether using learning objects improved the learning outcomes). Mona even suggested that each person could prepare a chapter of a book... Lori shared the possibility of this committee becoming involved with an Action Plan to be proposed by Lori and Stephanie (incoming vice chair of EBSS). This action plan would be to create guidance/tip sheets/examples of doing a virtual meeting (including tools to use). Since so much of the work of this committee relates to online learning-we could be tapped to contribute.



    Action Items

    1.       Lori will make changes to the wiki to incorporate changes suggested.  She will contact the EBSS web managers to create a space on the EBSS Wiki.  She will work with Mona to prepare the necessary forms to go to EBSS publications.

    2.      Beth will get the contact person for us for publications.

    3.      Lori will move the survey article draft to google docs, make suggestions and send back to group.  Target deadline to complete survey edits is August 30.   Lori will also fill out the publication forms to send to EBSS publishing.

    4.      Mona will be responsible for coordinating at least one virtual meeting this fall.

    5.      Mona will take over responsibility of efforts on the toolkit, although Lori will work with the transition of it from the web page to the EBSS wiki.