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2016 STS Organization and Planning Committee Midwinter meeting Minutes

  • 1.  2016 STS Organization and Planning Committee Midwinter meeting Minutes

    Posted Dec 01, 2016 01:51 PM

    2016 STS Organization and Planning Committee Minutes

    Location: Adobe Connect

    Time: December 1st, 2016 1-2:30pm ET

    Present: John Meier and Julie Speer (co-chairs), Jeffrey Bullington, Christina Chan-Park, Emily Frank, Edward Kownslar, Porcia Vaughn

    1. Introductions

    2. Update from ALA Annual 2017 meeting

    Julie reported that it was a very short 5 minute meeting just to say that the STS Plan for Excellence Report was submitted


    1. Plan our meeting for ALA Annual 2017

    We have a room for ALA Annual during All Committees if we need it

    1. Plan our approach to the 2016-2017 report of STS activities advancing the ACRL Plan for Excellence

    Each of us signed up for 2-3 committees to work with directly.  Request goes out in May 2017 the committees respond and we collect in June to draft and file our report with ACRL.  Note: ACRL goals have changed from last year, remind committees of this.

    1. Keep an eye on broad issues affecting the STS Organization

    We will update the STS Manual.  John will contact the co-chairs of Membership & Recruitment to see if they are continuing the “A Day in the Life of X Committee” this year and how are they gathering information from committees.  We will send STS-C a general message about this project before ALA Midwinter with these possible questions:

    • What is the committee’s Scope, Size, Connections to other groups, Meetings (where, when, how often), Challenges, Goals, Work to be accomplished?

    • Would a planning document at the beginning of the year help?  Similar to what the Instruction Section committees use

    • What other information would help your committee operate each year and transfer knowledge between years?


    1. New Business - None


    1. Old Business - None