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EBSS Advisory Committee Agenda, Annual 2016

  • 1.  EBSS Advisory Committee Agenda, Annual 2016

    Posted Jun 17, 2016 05:23 AM
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    Hi friends --

    The EBSS Advisory Committee will be meeting on Sunday, June 26th, 3:00-4:00pm, at the Hilton Orlando, Room Lake Mizell. This meeting is open to the public. 2 important items for discussion are ideas for increasing submissions and attendance for EBSS's Research Forum, and ideas for recruiting and retaining members. Here is the draft agenda:

    1.        Call to order (B. Lear)

    2.        Approval of the agenda (B. Lear)

    3.        Minutes (B. Lear/S. Raber)
    a.        Minutes of the January 11, 2016 EBSS Advisory Committee meeting are available at 
    4.        Officer Reports
    a.        Chair (B. Lear)
    b.        Vice-Chair (K. Van Beynen)
    c.        Past-Chair (D. Peterman)
    d.        Secretary (E. Raber)
    e.        Members-at-Large (M. Feeney and J. Morningstar)
    f.        Webmaster (S. Memmott)

    5.        Committee News and Concerns 
    a.        Awards (D. Schaeffer)
    b.        Communication Studies (J. Garczynski)
    c.        Conference Program Planning (B. Lear)
    d.        Curriculum Materials (R. Pauly and F. Steele)
    e.        Electronic Resources in Communication Studies (D. Donahue and H. Senior) 
    f.        ERIC Users (T. Baglier and K. Farmer)
    g.        Higher Education (K. Downing)
    h.        Instruction for Educators (S. Godbey)
    i.        Membership and Orientation (E. Soltau)
    j.        Nominating (S. Collard)
    k.        Online Learning Research (L. Bonella)
    l.        Psychology (C. Smith)
    m.        Publications and Communications (J. Borgerding)
    n.        Reference Sources and Services (K. Angell and C. Cicchetti)
    o.        Research Committee (C. Kvenild)
    p.        Scholarly Communication Committee (E. Raber)
    q.        Social Work/Social Welfare (K. Pendell)

    6.        Old Business

    7.        New Business
    a.        LibGuides for EBSS committee work products (B. Lear/S. Memmott)
    b.        Ideas for increasing submissions and attendance for EBSS Research Forum (B. Lear/C. Kvenild)
    c.        Ideas for retaining/increasing EBSS membership (B. Lear/E. Soltau)
    d.        Other ideas for 2016-2017 (All Attendees)

    8.        Announcements (All Attendees)

    9.        Adjournment (B. Lear)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

    Bernadette  :)