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Meetings minutes from August 16th, 2019

  • 1.  Meetings minutes from August 16th, 2019

    Posted Aug 19, 2019 11:25 AM

    Meeting minutes for August 16, 2019

    Attendees: Greg Seppi (co-chair), Whitney Buccicone (co-chair), Amy Brown, Sue Walker, Lauren Menges, and Christine Lutz


    1. Greetings and Introductions by Greg and Whitney

    1. Expectations for Committee Members (Whitney)
      1. 12 total members
      2. Rubric for proposals
        1. Most important role of member: to share opinions and fill out rubric for each proposal
      3. Liaison roles & duties
        1. This is the day-of representative from the committee to each workshop. Requires physical presence at workshop location and problem-solve any issues that may arise. Also includes distribution and retrieval of the workshop evaluations.
        2. There is a document about this in ALA Connect area for this group.

    1. Reports (Whitney and Greg)

    1. We have submitted the call for proposals for workshops to the Conference Development Committee (we were the first to do so)

    1. From RBMS Executive Committee for all conference planning-related committees:
    • There will be a single-stream form with branching logic for all proposals. This will hopefully be ready the week of Sept. 3, with a deadline of Friday, Nov. 1, and proposers notified by Monday, Dec. 2. 
    • We are requiring all speakers to be identified in the proposal. Of course, we still anticipate last minute changes because things always come up but we wanted to discourage people from proposing ideas without getting commitments / thinking through speaker lineups. We hope this helps with logistics, content of presentations, and allowing for a diversity of voices.
    •  Along the idea of speaker diversity, we are also only allowing presenters to be on one proposal at RBMS. We have received feedback that there is a perception that a few people dominate sessions, and we want to make sure RBMS 2020 is as inclusive as possible.
    • Because we are requiring all speakers to be listed on the proposal, we are experimenting with an open spreadsheet where folks with an idea can find like-minded people to put together a panel from. The longer time before the deadline will allow individuals with ideas to find a group to connect with and work on the proposal.
    • Question: when should speakers let us know they've accepted our acceptance? Report to Exec/Conf Plan Comm?

    1. Using ALA Connect and Google Docs

    1. Midwinter Meeting
    • Should we host our meeting before, during, or after?
      • During causes issues 
        • For those attending MW, it is hard to find quiet area
        • For those not attending, having meeting on the conference weekend for those who do not attend MW will be awkward (outside of work times)
      • Preference for the Friday after MW
        • Allows decisions to come out of Exec and Conf Plan Comm (barring specific direction from Exec)
      • Info Exchange: give report on what we've done so far and when we will be meeting; check in with Exec if this accessible

    1. Ways to get the message out: 
    • Need ways to market workshops beyond ALA circle
    • Can folks just attend workshops or do they have to attend whole conference? 
      • Confirm with Tory and Exec; this will affect where we market/advertise
    • Think of places we can advertise: what groups haven't we reached out to before?
      • Whitney's thought: can we reach out directly to institutions in the area (this year, Bloomington/Indy/Louisville?)

    Whitney Buccicone
    Incoming Head of Technical Services, Special Collections
    University of Virginia