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Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

  • 1.  Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 12, 2010 07:54 AM

    Integrating the Medical Literature into Undergraduate Instruction

    An enormous amount of medical information is freely accessible on the World Wide Web, but not all of it is credible and reliable. Any librarian working with undergraduate students knows that they don’t always find and use the best resources when conducting literature searches for their research papers and assignments. Libraries spend large amounts of money in order to provide high quality medical databases, journals and books, but all too often students resort to using whatever they can find quickly and easily on the Web. How can we make students aware of the high quality medical literature resources available to them and get them to use those rather than the first thing that pops up in a Google search? This presentation will describe how the Life Sciences Librarian collaborated with the course professor and utilized an embedded approach to help students in the XXX course at XXX find, consult, use and properly cite information from the professional medical literature in their case studies and research papers. Data from surveys of the students and interviews with the professor will be shared, as well as the pros and cons of the embedded librarian approach.

  • 2.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 16, 2010 10:45 AM

    Hi. I think this proposal is the strongest and should be used as the featured paper. It is on medical sources, but is generalizeable to other disciplines as well. It is not a ground-breaking topic, but it is an issue that must be dealt with in all disciplines. The surveys of students will be of particular interest to liaison librarians.
    - Lindsay

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    Posted Feb 19, 2010 12:07 PM

    I think this is my frst choice for a long paper, because it is complete and it is a methodology that could be used in others subject areas.  I think the student involvement/input is extremely important for me along with the professors responses---this is an area where many of us work hard to find the better/best way to reach students and I now find that I have a professor who told the students in his sophomore level course when I was explaining PubMed that if my way didn't work to "just use Google Scholar".

    Whatever? Diana---I pick this one although I like them all for one reason or another.

  • 4.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 19, 2010 12:47 PM

    This is my favorite among the 3 new feature paper submissions.

    It's just barely my favorite, slightly ahead of the engineering faculty focus group study.  But I like the educational practicality of the topic of medical education.  Collaboration is the way to go.  And practical consideration will tend to motivate people to do good research.

  • 5.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 22, 2010 01:54 PM

    I agre with the others that this is my favorite of the three submissions,

    for a long paper. It applies to a much broader group or subject than medical

    information. Recently we've added a whole section to discussions on peer review

    about things like what we call the "test of time" and we also encourage students

    to think about literature that gets retracted. The other part that appeals to me is the

    discussion of "embedded librarians" which is a very popular topic right now in all areas.




  • 6.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 22, 2010 02:35 PM

    I think this is the best prospect for the featured paper as it is generalizable to all areas of science librarianshop. And demonstrates  the need  for and value of  integrated instruction and faculty collaboration.

  • 7.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 22, 2010 03:35 PM

    I could go either way on this one...  I like it, and the information could certainly be generalized to any STEM discipline (or non-STEM, for that matter.)   It's just that there's so much out there already on instruction... and I still don't really know how an "embedded librarian" is different from a librarian collaborating with a faculty member!  However, I think that it would probably have the most interest for the audience, so I'll vote for this one.

  • 8.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 22, 2010 05:33 PM

    Just a quick comment, since I just got through doing an article which is

    coming out in a month or so, on my role as an embedded librarian in a class.

    It's more than just working with a faculty member, at least in my case-I'm part

    of the course-have access to the course website, I teach a library session but then

    do a lot of follow-up with the students, and also send new relevant material to the

    class site as it comes up. I also work intensively with the GSI's in the class,

    and it has carried over past the end of the semester. There have been a number of good articles on this, including one by Marianne Stowell-Bracke in C & RL News a couple of years ago.

  • 9.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 23, 2010 11:14 AM

    I will go with this one as the featured paper although the topic of imbedded librarian is all the rage these days in instruction circles.  Even though it is on medical sources it is still related to science. Most of the imbedded examples seem to be from the social sciences and humanities so it is good to have an example of a sound methodology in the sciences.

  • 10.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 23, 2010 11:34 AM

    Hey, Norma,

       If this is "embedded" then I've been embedded for decades---lately I've been seeing embedded to mean having an office space in a department although I think "embedded in the course is at least as important if not more so??


  • 11.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 23, 2010 11:56 AM

    Lots of different definitions but I like your comment about this not

    being anything new! Remember when it was a big deal for medical

    librarians to go on rounds with doctors? And I know that some people

    do in fact have offices in departments. My experpience was definitely related to

    instruction for lots of classes, but most importantly in the work for the environmental sciences class I wrote about,  and when I was writing the article I found a ton of literature

    (some good and some dreadful) on the topic.



  • 12.  RE: Feature Paper Submission 1 (Extended Call)

    Posted Feb 25, 2010 03:10 PM

    I agree with Lindsay's comments and would choose this one, of the three, to be the featured paper.