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ERIC Users Committee ALA Annual Meeting Minutes

  • 1.  ERIC Users Committee ALA Annual Meeting Minutes

    Posted Jan 27, 2017 09:24 AM

    ERIC Users Committee Minutes

    ALA Annual Meeting

    June 26, 2017


    Welcome and Introductions


    Tiffany Baglier

    Katherine Farmer

    Julie Edner

    Erin Pollard

    Pamela Tripp-Melby

    Margaret Brown-Salizar

    Todd Shipman

    Paul Belloni

    Christina Cicchetti

    Yvonne Roux


    Additions to the Agenda - None


    Approval of the Meeting Minutes from Mid-Winter - Approved


    ERIC Update

    • Working on two main projects

    ○     New Thesaurus - minimal updates.  19 changes for better searching. 

    ○     New version of the selection policy.

    ■     New policy on plagiarism - Clarified the rule on plagiarism.  If there is work plagiarism, ERIC provided steps for individuals to use in this case.

    ■     Expanded the peer review flag.  Any document in the collection is eligible.  Conference papers that are peer-review can be marked as such.  Rules have been established for current publishers to establish peer review.

    • New Project

    ○     Complete new run of the database.  They are adding new fields and are adding the new fields to old records.

    ○ will be more up-to-date than the databases when the new verison is release.

    ○     Vendors will need to rebuild their databases.

    ○     The database will include linking to fields in IES.  They will be also be links to the companion products of the item.

    ○     ORCHID ids will be added.

    ○     They will also be adding links to the grant numbers.  Designed for more open government.

    ○     They will be adding What Works Clearinghouse information on the statistics for studies that they review.  This will provide clarity to the statistics included for studies that have been reviewed by What Works Clearinghouse.  This will becoming live in September.

    ○     What Works Clearinghouse will start linking to ERIC.  New website is coming live on September 1.

    ○     They are splitting up the identifiers field.  They are standardizing the controlled vocabulary of previous identifiers that were truncated.  The previous field will be legacy.  Three new fields will replace it.  Search by 100 main cities and then the state for geography. Test and measures and Laws will be a new fields.  

    ○     Exactly how and when databases and discovery services will move to the change is still up in the air.

    ○     An email and a webinar will occur in late fall or early spring semester on the change.

    ○     They have released new videos.  These were developed to be included in libguides.

    • Questions to ERIC

    ○     Question - Tracking statistics.  Low to begin with but it is June.

    ○     Request - Advance search and being able to link to our holdings. They will be linking to holding in the future just probably not this year.  They need more information on what needs to be in an advance search. 

    ○     Final Peer-Review Product

    ERIC Project

    • Libguides will be the platform for the project.


    Meeting Adjourned.