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ERIC Users Committee Midwinter Meeting Minutes

  • 1.  ERIC Users Committee Midwinter Meeting Minutes

    Posted Mar 17, 2017 10:10 AM

    ERIC Users Committee MidWinter Meeting Minutes 

    January 25, 2017 


    I. Welcome 

    Attendees: Katherine Farmer, Tiffany Baglier, Paul Belloni, Beverly Pajer, Laura Bonella, Margaret Brown-Salazar, Christina Cicchetti, Yvonne Roux, Barbara Alderman, Todd Shipman 


    II. Call for Additions to the Agenda 


    III. Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes - minutes have been approved. 

    IV. ERIC Update 

    • ERIC provided an update on the new features added to the ERIC database.   

    • They added how to filter by location and  laws. 

    • They have added the ability to search by ORCID ID. You can see the list of everything they have published by clicking on the name. 

    • What Works Clearinghouse link that has been added to ERIC. If WWC has a study that has been reviewed, New features have been added to the studies to see its improvement factors and the characteristics of the population studied. IES has always been collecting the data.  IES has just the ability to see the information.  

    • If a publication is contracted funded, there are now links from the grant number. If you click on the grant number, you will be directed to information about the grant. This is the development process. 

    • IES publications are now in the database with links to the original content on the IES website.  

    • All of the new fields and information is available to vendors in the download section. EBSCO is working on adding to the database.  They have had access to the new information for two weeks. 

    • Notes Section provides access to the latest infographic. 

    • Coming - Webinar on how information gets into ERIC in late March. They will have people who have submitted previously to be part of the panel.  

    V. Questions from the Committee 

    • Questions - Video link to the webinar that was last week will be posted within 90 days of the webinar. 

    • Question about worries about changes due to the new administration: IES is independent from the govt. It is written into the budgeting authority.  So they are not concerned at this point. They are not under the talking embargo that exists for other departments as of this moment. They are still approved for ALA at this moment. 

    • What is ERIC’s twitter account? @ERICinfo is the tweet address.  They are still tweeting. 

    • Has there been any progress on with its ability to use our local link resolver for full text access (to those items not available ft on ERIC)? It is still on our to-do list. Our main priority of the past 6 months was getting the new fields up. We are now turning our attention toward an API and seeing how to do a link resolver in a way that complies with federal policy. 

    VI. Web Archiving Initiative  

    VII. ERIC Project 

    • The committee outlined the navigation tabs for the libguide and decided on what should be on each tab.  

    • Katherine will work creating the page and seek approval of the group through a Google Document of the text for a box from the committee before adding it to the page. 

    • Goal is to debut the LibGuide by June 2017.  

    VIII. ALA Annual Meeting 

    i. All Committees Meeting on Saturday, June 24. Time and Location: TBA 

    ii. ERIC Presentation - Sunday, June 25, 1pm-2:30pm. Location: TBA 

    IX. 2017-2018 Committee 

    i. Committee Volunteer Forms Due Feb 15 - Reminder to volunteer. As of the meeting, only one member of the committee has a term that extends into next year.  If you would like to remain on the committee, please volunteer by Feb 15. 

    ii. Chair or Chairs for 2017-2018 - Neither Katherine or Tiffany will be returning as chairs. If anyone would like to chair the committee, please email them about the opportunity.  

    X. Meeting Adjourned