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Charge: Responsible for overseeing the development of standards and guidelines adopted and promoted by the Association.
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#Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
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    Posted Feb 10, 2020 10:33 AM
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    ACRL Standards Committee Meeting

    February 10, 2020, Zoom

    Present Committee Members: Willie Miller (Chair), Jennifer Steele (Vice-Chair), Jessica Kohout-Tailor, Binh Le, Kari Garman, Emily Drabinski (Information Literacy Frameworks and Standards Committee Chair)

    1. RBMS: The ACRL Board voted to approve the ACRL-RBMS/SAA Guidelines on Access to Research Materials in Archives and Special Collections Libraries at their ALA Midwinter Meeting. The Board and ACRL Executive Director Mary Ellen Davis thanks the Standards Committee members for our work to move the document along.
    2. Framework for Access Services Librarianship: The members present agreed that the Access Services Interest Group (ASIG) did a very thorough job developing the Framework. ASIG is to be commended for taking such initiative, and other Interest Groups should use this framework as a model.

    In ALA Connect and during the meeting, the Committee identified the following possible edits:

    1. More consistency in citation style format. Section 1 has a different citation style format than the others.
    2. Combining the citations into one long list instead of by section.
    3. Adding an acknowledgement of the MLS/MLIS degree
    4. Removing the hyperlinks to job advertisements and leaving the position descriptions

    The Committee members present felt that these edits were minor. All members present would vote to approve. As a result, the Committee will vote on the Framework in its current state and request that the ASIG make the minor edits as it sees fit.

    The vote on the Framework will take place virtually through ALA Connect between February 10 – February 12, 2020.

    Willie Miller
    Associate Librarian
    IUPUI University Library