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Charge: To recommend to the ACRL Board the appointment of editors of ACRL journals and publications for which there are no paid staff; to approve the appointment of editorial board members on the recommendation of the respective editors; to advise the ACRL Board and Budget and Finance committee on matters relating to ACRL publications; to promote writing and effective research methods to librarians; to gather stakeholder input regarding new publishing directions for the purposes of recommending specific actions or for the purposes of advising the ACRL Board; to encourage the recruitment of new authors and to bring them into the ACRL publishing pipeline by referring them to the appropriate editor; and to promote author submission of proposals and manuscripts across the full range of ACRL publications.

Annual Meeting 2011 Agenda

  • 1.  Annual Meeting 2011 Agenda

    Posted Jun 22, 2011 01:52 PM

    ALA Annual Meeting 2011, New Orleans

    Sunday, June 26, 2011, 10:30am-noon
    Sheraton--Waterbury BR
    Publications Communication Committee

    1. Welcome and introductions
    2. Appointment of a recorder
    3. Annual 2012 program (Melinda)
    4. Voting procedures in ALA Connect
    5. C&RL survey results
    6. 2011-12 work plan
    7. New charge
    8. Roles of Chair and Vice-chair

    Exec session:  New Pubs board member nominee