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Recommendations for the Next Survey (from 2007)

  • 1.  Recommendations for the Next Survey (from 2007)

    Posted Aug 19, 2009 04:16 PM

    Recommendations for the Next Survey (from 2007)

    Many demographic questions were suggested to the committee for inclusion in the questionnaire. There is interest in adding gender options to the questionnaire allowing individuals to self identify as transsexual. There was also interest in gathering more data about academic preparation of S/T librarians such as the discipline of their undergraduate and any graduate degrees held in addition to the master's degree in library science.

    The 2007 committee recommends maintaining continuity in the selection of topics to obtain longitudinal data about trends in the interests of S/T librarians while still leaving opportunity for hot topics to emerge.

  • 2.  RE: Recommendations for the Next Survey (from 2007)

    Posted Aug 19, 2009 04:25 PM

    2007 STS Continuing Education Survey
    Tell us about yourself.

    1. Where do you work?
        Academic library
        Corporate library
        Government library
        Public library

    2. Years since receiving your master's degree in library science
        Less than 3
        3-5 years
        5-10 years
        More than 10 years

    3. Gender

    4. What professional organizations are you a member of?
        ASEE ELD
        SLA STD
        Other (please specify)

    5. How would you prefer to receive continuing education?
        Credit courses – distance
        Credit courses traditional
        E-mail tutorials
        In-person workshops
        National conference/Pre-conference workshops
        Web based information
        Other (please specify)

    6. Please indicate how interested you are in learning more about the following topics.; Choices are 1 "least interested" to 5 "very interested". "No answer" or "not applicable" option is on the far right, beyond "very interested."
        Advocacy, generating awareness of library services
        Enhancing access to full text through Google Scholar
        Building and utilizing institutional repositories
        Managing archival rights
        Keeping current with technology, Web 2.0, blogs, listservs, RSS, pod casts, etc.
        Managing and utilizing usage statistics
        Evaluating existing services/developing new services
        Copyright in the electronic age
        Collaboration between faculty and librarian
        Library instruction, assessment and surveys
        Federated searching
        Invisible web
        Alternative publishing models and the cost of serials
        Designing Web tutorials
        Professional advancement
        Consortial collaboration
        Future of reference, e-mail, chat, IM, other new technologies.
        Improving document delivery services
        Management skills, budgeting, personnel recruiting, training, and evaluation, etc.
        Collection development, print and electronic resources
        Future roles for libraries and librarianship
        Library as place
        Patent and trademark sources, searching, etc.

    7. Did rating the pre-selected topics jog your memory about other topics of interest? If so, enter them here:

    8. Do you have any other suggestions for provision of continuing education opportunities? If so, enter them here: