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Information for tomorrow's meeting

  • 1.  Information for tomorrow's meeting

    Posted Dec 14, 2017 02:29 PM


    As part of my report for the Engaging Community College Librarians TF, I will be presenting two recommendations that the TF is recommending that the section adopt.  Please review these below so that we can discuss and possibly vote on them tomorrow. 


    Thank You,

    Julia Mielish


    Recommendation #4 Ensure Representation in Volunteer Leadership.

    ACRL will ensure that is at least one community college librarian on committees/task forces that serve the ACRL membership. On larger committees/task forces, the number of community college librarians would be proportionate to four-year librarians.

    Pro: Community college librarians would be assured to be part of the conversation in ACRL committees. (Both the CCETF’s Focus Group findings and the McKinley Report identified community college librarians who felt “underrepresented,” “unforgotten.”)

    Pro: Greater representation of community college librarians would indicate greater commitment by ACRL to include community college librarians in decision making for the organization.

    Pro: “A greater focus on Community College Librarians would lead to great value” of membership (McKinley)

    Con/Challenge: ACRL already makes efforts in this area and the biggest problem is identifying community college librarians who have time and willingness to serve.

    Recommendation #10 Engage Member Champions

    Recommendation: Have active community college ACRL members act as mentors to new or potential ACRL members. McKinley recommended that ACRL identify “Ambassadors” who can foster a welcoming community for ACRL at the peer level through personal contact, either via phone, e-mail, or ALA Connect. Additional, focus group participants noted that mentors and highly-engaged peers influenced their decision to join and participate in ACRL.

    Pro: Will provide new or potential members with easy pathways to engagement. CJCLS leaders or committees would be a good group to be involved in this process.

    Con: Will require a way to identify volunteers and get them to commit to at least a year of mentoring.

    Pro: Will provide additional leadership opportunities for those who act as “Ambassadors.”

    Pro: Make personal and individualized contacts with new members and provide a personal contact within the organization.

    Con: May be difficult to align volunteer mentor and mentee interests.