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ALA Website Advisory Committee Committee

Thank you to everyone who responded and agreed to be a member of a subcommittee. Below are the rosters and charges. The ideal timeline for completion of these projects is Annual 2015. Please coordinate with your subcommittee members to develop a work plan. I am happy to answer questions or meet virtually for any of these subcommittees. 

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Meeting Request Request for Virtual Meeting, Nov. 17-21

by John Jackson on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 06:10 pm

WAC Members,

I'd like to schedule a 1-hr virtual meeting for the week of Nov. 17-21. The last couple meetings, we've talked about possible projects that WAC could undertake. I'm going to chat with Jenny and Sherri and go through our minutes from the past year to pull together all those ideas. Let's see if we can identify 2-3 that match our charge and seem worth pursuing. 

Please indicate you're availability below. I've entered the times in PST but it should adapt to your timezone. Please try to do so before end-of-day Wednesday, Nov. 12. Thanks!

Consists of 15 members, with the chair appointed annually by the appointing officer from the membership of the Website Advisory Committee.

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