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Mary Morgan Smith (non-member)

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Mary Morgan Smith
Northland Public Library

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Mary Morgan Smith was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. She grew up listening to the tall tales of her grandfather's youth in Pittsburgh in the late 19th century and to her mother's stories about life in a large family during the Depression. She began telling stories professionally over 25 years ago as a library storyteller for Prince George's County (MD) Memorial Library System. Many of her stories are drawn from books and traditional tales. Mary Morgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Pennsylvania State University, a Master of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Arts in Art History with an emphasis on ancient Egypt from the University of Memphis. Currently co-chair of the Storytelling Discussion Group in ALSC, she was lucky enough to serve on the 1992 Caldecott Award Committee (Tuesday by David Wiesner).


Current Work
Northland Public Library (Public Library)
Children's Librarian
Northland Public Library, Pittsburgh PA
Manager of Children's/Young Adult Services. Library storyteller. Producer of the library's Three Rivers Storytelling Festival (Aug. 6-7, 2010).


B.A., M.L.S, M.A., Art History, Library Science, Art History (Ancient Egypt), 1972, 1973, 1986
Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Memphis