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Cheryl McGrath

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Cheryl McGrath
Stonehill College


Type of Libraries
  • Academic

  • Bio

    I am a working mom with a great job and family. Our daughter, Alice, was adopted from Guatemala and is a complete joy. My husband, Tom, is a writer, and is also a complete joy. My career has involved the following projects: Moving a library (I recommend a chair massage and a pinata for staff stress relief). Establishing a high density storage facility. (Trust is the most important element). Mass Digitization (The little project known as Google). Electronic Document Delivery (Scan and Deliver. Think spaghetti with chopsticks. Make that one chopstick.) Online seating app for library carrels, ala airline seating. Online Privileges registration system. Reorg reorg reorg


    Current Work
    Stonehill College (Academic Library)
    Director, MacPháidín Library and Archives
    Easton, MA
    Stonehill seeks an innovative individual who will promote the library as the intellectual hub of the campus by bringing a vision of the future direction for information services, engaging students and faculty in that vision, and implementing practices designed to support 21st century learning, teaching, and scholarship. This will involve balancing the acquisition of new print resources with the extension of digital access; evolving the ways that library staff can support students and faculty members, and reviewing space usage in the building to maximize collaborative learning and reduce the use of space for low-demand needs. Fulfilling this agenda will require deep understanding of the academic library and broad knowledge about the technologies that are driving the digital environment. The Library Director must be a seasoned professional, with strong leadership abilities to inspire the library staff, expand their accomplishments, and promote collaborations across campus. The MacPháidín Library has 10 full- time librarians, 7 full-time staff members, 6 part-time staff members, and approximately 40 student aides. Library employees are eager to be supported in their ongoing professional development.

    Past Work Experience
    Harvard College Library (Academic Library)
    Head of Access Services, Widener and Lamont
    Cambridge, MA
    2007 - 2012


    MLIS - Library Science, 2005
    San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science

    MFA, 2001
    Emerson College

    BA, Humanities and English, 1992
    University of Colorado, Boulder

    AA, 1990
    St Petersburg Junior College