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David Schuster
Binghamton Univeristy


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    I have been working in libraries since I was in High School shelving books at the public library as a page in the childrens department. I was NOT a reader, but this experience showed me to love books and the doors it can open. Immediately after getting my Masters in 1993 I worked for almost 3 years for a Library Software company doing system installation, support, and training. Then I moved to Texas and became the system administrator in Richardson ISD for one year, after which I moved to Plano ISD and have been here since.


    Current Work
    Binghamton Univeristy (School Library/Media Center)
    Director of Library Technology and Special Collections
    Plano Texas
    Library Technology Coordinator - I coordinate the Union catalog for 67+ sites, manage the electronic databases we use with education through the library and the classrooms, and streaming media content providers. I also facilitate the processing center with 5 paraprofessionals here in Plano ISD


    Bachelor of Science Business Administration - Management, Business Administration/Computer Science - MLS, 1991 + post graduate work since 1999 - MLS 1992
    University of South Dakota - Vermillion - Masters from University of Missouri Columbia