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David Vess

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David Vess
James Madison University


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    --Education-- Certificate of Advanced Study in Digital Libraries, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006–present. Master of Science, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006. Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Museum Studies, Cum Laude, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, 1998. Associate of Arts, General Studies, Cum Laude, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Clifton Forge, Virginia. 1995. --Previous Positions-- UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN LIBRARY January 2008–January 2010. Visiting IMLS Portal Librarian and Professor of Library Administration. Grainger Engineering Library Information Center. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois. Responsibilities included: provided direction and support for a team of librarians and research programmers working on a grant funded project sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which leveraged and enhanced the locally developed (UIUC Library) Easy Search metasearch family of technologies; engaged in research about user behavior, transaction log analysis, human computer interaction in a search/information need context, and software development processes; advocated for users throughout the software development cycle and nurtured a culture of user-centered design around the project; conducted user studies on prototype systems, analyzed and reported on data gathered from user studies; assisted in transaction log analysis and the characterization of user search behavior; assisted in incorporating identified user’s needs, expectations, and behaviors from the transaction log and user studies into system features and design. August 2007–January 2008. Graduate Assistant to the Central Public Services Committee. Responsibilities: developed an initial plan for integrating the popular book sharing site, LibraryThing into library catalog for the Undergraduate Library’s popular fiction collection; supported and extended existing efforts of the University Library in the virtual world, Second Life; observed and applied University graphic standards and identity for the library’s presence in Second Life; compiled best practices for academic library engagement in virtual worlds and developed a plan for tools to facilitate that engagement; assisted in the long-term weeding process of the Undergraduate Library print reference collection by comparing the existing, print collection (2906 titles) against a title list (8627) of a popular full-text reference product using automated text manipulation techniques and tools. August 2006–January 2008. Graduate Assistant to the Associate University Librarian for Collections & Associate Dean of Libraries. Responsibilities: reorganized department’s online resources to better support over fifty selectors in their collection development & fund management duties by examining the departmental charge and assessing constituent need; though liaison work with campus technologies organization (Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services), piloted a wiki to document complexities of collection development in the Library; developed a fiscal calendar illustrating state, university and Library fiscal cycles; converted Office of Collections website into the OpenCMS content management system; observed accessibility standards as put forth by state and federal law; assisted in research project by managing and conducting an online survey for ARL preservation librarians about their profession & training; served as ex officio member of the Large-Scale Digitization Working Group by supplying data from the OCLC collections analysis tool for both the Open Content Alliance and Google Book projects; managed the photography of eighty bronze plaques listing honor role students from drafting the Request for Proposal (RFP) to answering media questions about the project upon completion, processed images of bronze tablets for watermarking and prepared images for conversion into JPEG2000 images for zoomable viewing, loaded images and metadata into ContentDM digital collections system, processed text of names from aggregate departments on campus listed on plaques for search functionality; member of the Library Web Content Swat Team, charged with converting large numbers of Library web pages into the OpenCMS content management system, observing accessibility and XHTML standards; acting as project manager/reader/editor for a book edited by the Associate University Librarian for Collections. August 2005–August 2006. Research Assistant. Fugitive Literature Research Project. Research Assistant to Karen Schmidt, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Wendy Shelburne, Electronic Resources Librarian. Responsibilities: conducted collection development of web materials in an open and exploratory manner to establish a basis for new collection development model; developed list of groups that maintain web resources and conducted weekly web crawls of those resources; maintained a weekly log of all work conducted; explored preservation aspects of digital collections; established protocols for ongoing acquisition process; monitored library and archive literature for collecting in collecting digital materials. January 2005–August 2005. Graduate Student Assistant, Webmaster. University Library, Staff Development and Training Committee. Responsibilities: though interview of stakeholders, redesigned the site architecture, designed and tested a staff development and training website for diverse group of users that included: library faculty, staff and student worker population; researched library literature and similar library staff training initiatives; gathered and presented diverse resources in an easily navigable user interface; observed accessibility standards as put forth by state and federal law. August 2004–August 2006. Graduate Assistant. University Library, Central Reference Services. Responsibilities: provided in-depth and ready reference services to students, faculty, staff, and the general public at reference desk via online chat, instant text messaging, telephone, email, and face-to-face contact; used a wide range of online and print reference tools covering general, humanities, and social sciences; corrected problem citations for interlibrary loan department to assist in locating requested items; identified problem-records in the online catalog and reported problems to the proper department; completed special projects as requested such as weeding reference collection, creation of graphic identity of department signage and name badges; edited training materials on an annual basis. THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA January 2004–August 2004. Research Assistant to the Curator of Art, The Library of Virginia, Special Collections. Richmond, Virginia. Responsibilities: managed art object database; managed preparations for migration to new collection management software; organized digital images of art work for loading into new database; maintained and improved printed artist and object files; extensively used library archives and government documents for provenance research; general art handling responsibilities in the Virginia Capitol Square buildings; use of EmbARK collections management software. JOHN TYLER COMMUNITY COLLEGE July 2003–August 2004. Library Assistant, Reference Services, John Tyler Community College Library. Midlothian, Virginia. Responsibilities: managed library during evenings; directed student employees on various projects as needed; provided reference and circulation services to diverse body of students, faculty, staff and general public; taught Information Literacy courses on library catalog and a variety of article databases; provided class instruction on Microsoft Office products, troubleshooter for student and faculty problems with computers and printers; use of Notis collection management system. VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS August 1999–August 2002. Assistant Manager. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Department of Photographic Resources. Richmond, Virginia. Responsibilities: assisted in the management of negative, slide and photograph archives; cataloged photographic materials including: objects, events; building documentation and construction projects; managed circulating slide library and circulating photo materials; created, updated and migrated negative database records; developed electronic cataloging and access procedures of photographic archive; created digital scans of images for pubic and internal use; managed projects of one part-time employee, volunteers and interns; primary liaison with public clientele and museum staff concerning all image needs; supported the image research needs of large and small scale museum monographs; assisted the public and museum staff borrow and return materials; improved filing systems and organization of photographic files of event and object photography; assisted with rights and reproduction contracts of museum images; assisted in development of long-term departmental priorities and goals; assisted in departmental purchasing and budget management; demonstrated knowledge of archival procedures; use of RE:Discovery database software, and PhotoShop. March 1999–August 1999. Library Assistant. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Department of Photographic Resources. Richmond, Virginia. Responsibilities: assisted staff and public with photographic archives; communicated with various museum staff concerning photographic and cataloging and publication projects; organized, cataloged, labeled and filed various photographic materials; corresponded with national and international clientele concerning image reproduction contracts. UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND January 1999–August 1999. Manager. University of Richmond, Fine Arts Department, Slide Library, Richmond, Virginia. Responsibilities: assisted faculty and students with slide collection; maintained a collection of over 250,000 slides; conducted collection development and expansion; worked directly with faculty to support their instructional and research needs; applied Visual Resource Associations standards for cataloging and care of collection; supervised two student workers in daily operation of office; managed departmental purchasing and budget. VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY August 1995–December 1998. Library Assistant. Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts Library, Richmond, Virginia. Responsibilities: assisted a large number of faculty and students with slide collection holding over 600,000 images; expanded and maintained collection; applied Visual Resource Associations standards for cataloging and care of collection; worked directly with faculty to support their instructional and research needs; use of Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, and PhotoShop. --Publications-- Schmidt, Karen, Wendy A. Shelburne, and David S. Vess. 2008. Approaches to selection, access, and collection development in the web world: a case study with fugitive literature. Library Resources & Technical Services 52, no. 3:184-191. --Awards & Distinctions-- Best of LRTS Award, Library Resources & Technical Services (LRTS), 2009. For the co-authored article, “Approaches to Selection, Access, and Collection Development in the Web World: A Case Study with Fugitive Literature.” Blackwell’s Scholarship Award, Blackwell Book Services, 2009. For the co-authored article, “Approaches to Selection, Access, and Collection Development in the Web World: A Case Study with Fugitive Literature.” --Conference Presentations-- Robert Slater, Lisa Hinchliffe, David S. Vess, Camilla Fulton, Melody Allison, Rudy Leon. “The Web is My Library: Undergraduate Students and Their Research Behaviors,” Presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 14th National Conference, March 13, 2009. Seattle, Washington. William H. Mischo, Mary C. Schlembach, David S. Vess. “User Searching Behaviors (and Interactive Retrieval Techniques) within a Library Gateway,” Presented at the Digital Library Federation 2008 Fall Forum, November 13, 2008. Providence, Rhode Island. Karen Schmidt, Wendy Allen Shelburne, and David Vess. “Fugitive Literature: Approaches to Selection, Access and Collection Development in the Web World,” Presented at the 26th Annual Charleston Conference, November 10, 2006. Charleston, South Carolina. David Vess, “Fugitive Literature: Approaches to Selection, Access and Collection Development in the Web World,” Presented at Archiving the University Web Domain, American Libraries Association Conference, June 25, 2006. New Orleans, Louisiana. --Service-- Professional Organizations: • American Library Association, 2004–present • Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT): • Chair, Web Committee, 2009–2011 • Co-Chair, LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination & Education Ad Hoc Committee, 2009–2010 • Book Review Writer, Newsletter Committee 2007–2008 • Co-Chair of GLBTRT, 2009 • Library and Information Technology Association (LITA): • Member, Web Coordinating Committee, 2010–2012 • Visual Resources Association, 1996–present Library Service (University of Illinois Library): • Founding Member, LibUX (Library User Experience Group), 2009–present • Member, Digital Visual Resources Task Force, 2009–present • Member, Library Web Content Swat Team, 2007 • Member, ex officio, Large-Scale Digitization Working Group, 2006–2008


    Master of Library and Information Science, Academic Librarianship, 2006
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign