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Terry Ann Lawler

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Terry Ann Lawler
Burton Barr Library - Youth Services


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    Terry Ann Lawler, Assistant Manager/Children's Librarian at Phoenix Public Library, Palo Verde since 2008, obtained her MLIS from University of Arizona. Terry is a member of the ALA and PLA. She has reviewed books, audiobooks and educational DVDs for Library Journal and School Library Journal since 2009. Terry has presented programs at PLA, the Oregon Library Association and for Phoenix Public Library and has been recognized nationally for her work with disconnected youth.


    Current Work
    Burton Barr Library - Youth Services (Public Library)
    Manager of Youth Services At Burton Barr Central Library
    Phoenix, AZ
    Palo Verde Library Assistant Manager, Children's Librarian


    BA, Political Science/Law, 1998

    MLIS, Library Science, 2005