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Susie Blair
Valley of the Tetons Library

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    Current Work
    Valley of the Tetons Library (Public Library)
    Teton Valley, Idaho
    <p>In 2014, led a successful campaign to establish a Valley of the Tetons branch library in Driggs, Teton Valley, Idaho. Then published and marketed a two year supplementary tax override for the district to open the Driggs Branch Library. Planned and designed the library, and upon approval, directed installation of bookshelves, cataloged books, and organized the opening date on December 5, 2014. In 2015 spearheaded a permanent tax levy for the Driggs Library to remain open. Now manage the day to day operations of the branch including ordering items for circulation. The branch library has been an enormous success with additional patron programs constantly being added to the calendar. Chess Club, Tech Club, Game Night, Language Exchange Night, and Lego Club. Upon patron request, a new lecture series on travel and gardening has been added. The library’s visitor and checkout numbers have continued to improve and increase. Have recently structured the effort for continued fund raising and building of a new, larger structure for the Driggs Branch as our community continues to grow.</p>


    Master, Master's Library Science, 2017
    University of Northern Texas