Name Type Description Members Postssort descending Created
THE MODULE. Community 6 1 May 21, 2015
LLAMA Web Coordinator Community Information needed for the LLAMA web coordinator(s) and LLAMA office 4 1 Jul 3, 2009
Consortium Management Discussion Group Community ASCLA-ICAN Consortium Management Discussion Group 2 1 Dec 9, 2008
ALSC - Best Practices for Virtual Operations Community A online discussion group for sharing ideas and experiences related to virtual committee work. 16 1 Feb 26, 2012
Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group (RUSA RSS - Reference Services Section) Community Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) RSS Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group 20 1 Dec 10, 2008
Future of the FDLP Community A place to discuss a variety of recent efforts to define the future of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) 19 1 Nov 22, 2010
Nevada Library Association Community Library Association for the libraries in the State of Nevada 5 1 Apr 30, 2010
University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences Students, Alumni, and Faculty/Staff Community A place for UTK SIS Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff and Friends to connect, swap stories, mentor each other, and plan soirees at ALA events 8 1 May 10, 2009
code4lib Community Code4Lib: email list, conference, journal 22 1 Jun 16, 2009
Libraries using Strategic Planning for Results Community A community for public libraries using Sandra Nelson's Strategic Planning for Results to define their strategic plans. 15 1 Jun 22, 2009
Thorne Smith Society in ALA Community For everyone inspired by "the Thorne Smith touch" 2 1 Jun 5, 2014
PLA Continuing Education and Conferences Community public libraries, continuing education, professional development, CE 12 2 Jun 9, 2010
Cloud Computing and Virtualization Interest Group Community LITA Cloud Computing and Virtualization Interest Group 25 2 Aug 3, 2010
COL FDLP TF Community for discussions and documents related to the development of a national FDLP preservation plan. 3 2 Jul 11, 2014
PLA Turning the Page 2.0 Cohort Community - Tues 3pm CDT (Cynthia Faulkner) Community TtP 2.0 Cohorts 7 2 Apr 7, 2011
Moodlers Skillshare Group Community 4 2 Oct 16, 2014
Copyright Forum Community A place to talk about copyright issues. Fair use to public domain to copyright law reform to anything copyright related. 42 2 May 14, 2009
Maker Technology Interest Group (LITA) Community Create the framework and interests of those involved in the 3D Printing Interest Group. The meetings will also estabilish which members can contribute to specific resources (e.g website content, construction of a website policies, etc.) The IG meetings 16 2 Feb 26, 2015
Mentoring Forum Subcommittee Community This subgroup of the ALSC Membership Committee seeks to improve the ALSC Mentoring Forum and recruit new mentors 6 2 Oct 15, 2015
Information Literacy Instruction in Academic Libraries Community For anyone wanting to discuss current issues in information literacy instruction, particularly in academic libraries. 99 2 Jun 16, 2009