Name Type Description Memberssort descending Posts Created
LLAMA Web Coordinator Community Information needed for the LLAMA web coordinator(s) and LLAMA office 4 1 Jul 3, 2009
Medium Sized Academic Libraries Discussion Group Community To address the needs of the "medium" sized libraries 4 3 Feb 7, 2012
Systems Thinking Community of Practice Community 4 0 Jun 15, 2014
Rusyn Romanization Table Task Force Community Task Force to create a new ALA-LC Rusyn Romanization Table 4 12 Mar 14, 2013
University of British Columbia SLAIS Community For School of Library, Archival and Information Studies students, alumni, faculty and staff. It's alright. 4 0 Jul 15, 2009
Moving Libraries Discussion Group (LLAMA BES - Building and Equipment Section) Community Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) BES Moving Libraries Discussion Group 4 3 Dec 10, 2008
Public Library Literacy Practitioners Community This will be for ALA members and non-members. 4 8 Aug 13, 2009
Knowledge Quest Discussion Group Community Discuss the Themes and Feature Stories in Knowledge Quest! 4 2 Nov 5, 2010
School library business models subgroup of DCWG Community This is a group appointed by President Raphael to focus on ebook business models for school libraries 4 1 Sep 18, 2012
RUSA Vice President Orientation Community Resources and information for RUSA's President-Elect / Vice-President 4 5 Aug 10, 2011
Division Marketing Group Community A meeting of division minds on marketing membership, programs, and products. 4 2 May 14, 2010
IRRT Membership Committee Community This is designed to help facilitate communication and discussion for the IRRT Membership Committee 4 6 Apr 1, 2010
RUSA Budget and Finance Agenda Community Workspace for preparation of RUSA Budget and Finance committee agenda 4 3 Dec 6, 2010
ASCLA Appointments Community A group for ASCLA appointing officer/president-elect 4 10 Sep 22, 2011
ACRL Chapters Council Ad Hoc Committee on Annual Report Community This group is charged with the task of creating a less complicated means for filling out the annual report. 4 3 Jan 2, 2010
National Forum on Diversity Community National Forum on Diversity 4 1 Feb 22, 2013
Manuscript & Other Formats Discussion Group (ACRL RBMS - Rare Books and Manuscripts Section) Community Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) Manuscript & Other Formats Discussion Group 4 2 Dec 10, 2008
ASCLA Virtual Convergence Community A space for participants in the Virtual Convergence to ask questions and exchange information before, during and after the event. 4 0 Nov 16, 2010
Sports and Recreation Discussion Group (ACRL - Association of College & Research Libraries) Community Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Sports and Recreation Discussion Group 4 0 Dec 9, 2008
Pura Belpré 20th Anniversary Task Force Community Pura Belpré 20th Anniversary Task Force 4 0 May 16, 2014