Name Type Description Memberssort descending Posts Created
Digital Badges Interest Group Community A forum for discussion and exchange of ideas related to digital badges, particularly as they relate to libraries (of all types) and information literacy. 3 0 Oct 6, 2014
We the Librarians Community A tribe of librarians dedicated to creating a more perfect association 3 0 Apr 3, 2009
Take Your Child to the Library Day Community Librarians in CT have declared the first Saturday in February (2/4/12) to be Take Your Child to the Library Day. 3 6 Dec 21, 2011
Mother Goose on the Loose Practitioners Community Exchanges of rhymes, suggestions, and stories by librarians who run Mother Goose on the Loose early literacy programs in their libraries 3 1 Nov 7, 2010
COL FDLP TF Community for discussions and documents related to the development of a national FDLP preservation plan. 3 2 Jul 11, 2014
Scandinavian Discussion Group (ACRL WESS - Western European Studies Section) Community Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Western European Studies Section (WESS) Scandinavian Discussion Group 4 1 Dec 10, 2008
ASCLA Virtual Convergence Community A space for participants in the Virtual Convergence to ask questions and exchange information before, during and after the event. 4 0 Nov 16, 2010
What about Midwinter? Community Open discussion about short- and long-term Midwinter options 4 2 Jun 13, 2014
ACRL Chapters Council Ad Hoc Committee on Annual Report Community This group is charged with the task of creating a less complicated means for filling out the annual report. 4 3 Jan 2, 2010
Moving Libraries Discussion Group (LLAMA BES - Building and Equipment Section) Community Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) BES Moving Libraries Discussion Group 4 3 Dec 10, 2008
Rusyn Romanization Table Task Force Community Task Force to create a new ALA-LC Rusyn Romanization Table 4 12 Mar 14, 2013
Anaheim Planning Group (APALA & REFORMA) Community To Plan 2012 Joint Programming 4 3 Oct 25, 2010
Systems Thinking Community of Practice Community 4 0 Jun 15, 2014
ACRL Senior Administrators Community Information sharing forum for senior administrators in academic libraries 4 0 Aug 5, 2011
Turning the Page Community PLA advocacy training 4 1 Apr 23, 2010
National Library Legislative Day Community We need your voice on May 9 and 10! 4 0 Mar 31, 2011
ALCTS Webinar Leads Community For scheduling webinars and sharing content. 4 0 Jul 7, 2009
Sports and Recreation Discussion Group (ACRL - Association of College & Research Libraries) Community Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Sports and Recreation Discussion Group 4 0 Dec 9, 2008
Manuscript & Other Formats Discussion Group (ACRL RBMS - Rare Books and Manuscripts Section) Community Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) Manuscript & Other Formats Discussion Group 4 2 Dec 10, 2008
Internet Toolkit Safety/Responsibilty Community working group 4 1 Mar 20, 2010