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Name Type Description Memberssort descending Posts Created
Seven Measures of Success & ALA Community Discuss new ALA directions within the "7 Measures of Success" framework. 18 8 Apr 20, 2009
ACRL ULS Mid-Level Managers Group Community 18 12 Jul 5, 2013
ALA Browncoats Community Because even on the raggedy edge, folks need information. (Fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity.) 18 1 Jun 5, 2010
Diversity Officers' Discussion Group (LLAMA - Library Leadership & Management Association) Community Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) Diversity Officers' Discussion Group 18 9 Dec 10, 2008
Digital Badges Interest Group Community A forum for discussion and exchange of ideas related to digital badges, particularly as they relate to libraries (of all types) and information literacy. 19 40 Oct 6, 2014
Copyright for School and Youth Libraries Community A group for school and youth librarians to discuss in depth issues of copyright as it relates to schools, youth, and youth usage of social media. 19 2 Sep 28, 2010
Future of the FDLP Community A place to discuss a variety of recent efforts to define the future of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) 19 1 Nov 22, 2010
Serving Children with Autism Community Share resources and programming ideas for children on the autism spectrum 19 15 Jun 27, 2010
BCALA Services to Children and Families of African Descent Committee Community Committee within BCALA that provides resources to children and families of African Descent 19 10 Jan 14, 2011
Task Force on the Context of Future Accreditation Community One-year special task force 19 36 Sep 16, 2015
PLA Strategy for Public Libraries Community of Practice Community public libraries 19 3 Jun 9, 2010
Outreach to Teens with Special Needs Interest Group Community Outreach to Teens with Special Needs Interest Group 19 4 Jul 22, 2010
PLA Branch Libraries Community of Practice Community public libraries, branch libraries 19 5 Jun 9, 2010
Traditional Cultural Expression Community Open Discussion and Feedback to TCE Task Force 19 17 Jun 17, 2010
Library Advocacy Day Community An exciting rally on June 29, 2010 at the U.S. Capitol 20 1 Feb 23, 2010
Public Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group (ACRL ULS - University Libraries Section) Community Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) University Libraries Section (ULS) Public Services Directors of Large Research Libs Disc. Group 20 18 Dec 19, 2008
Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group Community An ACRL interest group exploring the concept of contemplative pedagogy in librarianship 20 19 Jul 27, 2016
AASL Region 1 Community AASL Affiliate Assembly Region 1 20 52 Sep 15, 2009
ASCLA Committee and Interest Group Reports Community All ASCLA committee and interest group reports are available here. 20 53 Jun 18, 2013
Hot Topics Discussion Group (RUSA STARS) Community Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) STARS Hot Topics Discussion Group 20 5 Dec 10, 2008