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Namesort descending Type Description Members Posts Created
Artist Books Community A community of people interested in artist books. 5 2 Jun 26, 2012
ASCLA Appointments Community A group for ASCLA appointing officer/president-elect 4 12 Sep 22, 2011
ASCLA Committee and Interest Group Reports Community All ASCLA committee and interest group reports are available here. 20 53 Jun 18, 2013
ASCLA IMLS Grant.Planning Group Community Planning group for ASCLA’s application for the IMLS 21st Century Librarian Grant. 8 30 Oct 5, 2010
ASCLA Interest Group Leaders Community A resource and information group for leaders of ASCLA interest groups. 28 34 Aug 2, 2011
ASCLA Paris Trip 2012 Community ASCLA Paris Trip 2012 Networking Group 15 49 Feb 16, 2012
ASCLA President-Elect Orientation Community Information for newly elected ASCLA President-Elects / Vice-Presidents 5 1 Aug 9, 2011
ASCLA Program and Preconference Planners Community A group where ASCLA Program and Preconference planners can find information and notifications for the conference planning process. 43 80 Aug 11, 2011
ASCLA SLA (State Library Agencies)/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group Community SLA/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group 31 4 Jul 14, 2011
ASCLA Strategic Plan Work Group Community Working group for new strategic plan 9 1 Jul 29, 2015
ASCLA Virtual Convergence Community A space for participants in the Virtual Convergence to ask questions and exchange information before, during and after the event. 4 0 Nov 16, 2010
ASCLA/FAFLRT collaborative working group Community A joint working group to identify potential opportunities for collaboration, for the benefit of both units' members 9 4 Jun 28, 2011
Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies Interest Group (ACRL) Community ACRL Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies Interest Group (AAMESIG) 2 1 Jan 26, 2018
Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) Community Serving the needs of Asian/Pacific American librarians and those who serve Asian/Pacific American communities. 88 51 Jun 16, 2009
Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) Executive Board Community Forum for APALA Executive Board (president, vice-president, immediate past president, treasurer, secretary, members at large) and special reps. 12 12 Jun 16, 2009
Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Community The ALA Connect Portal for ALISE members 11 6 Apr 27, 2010
Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) Community For the sustainability and encouragement of rural and small libraries. 27 12 Jun 25, 2009
Association of College and Research Libraries--Library and Information Science Education IG Community Library and Information Science Education IG 9 60 Mar 25, 2013
Automated Acquisitions / In Process Control Systems Interest Group (ALCTS - Association For Library Collections & Technical Services) Community ALCTS Automated Acquisitions / In Process Control Systems Interest Group 5 4 Jan 8, 2010
Awards, Grants & Scholarships database Community comments and feedback about the database 25 3 Nov 3, 2009