Name Type Description Members Postssort descending Created
LLAMA LOMS Fiscal and Business Officers Discussion Group Community LLAMA LOMS Fiscal and Business Officers Discussion Group 4 2 Jan 4, 2012
University of Rhode Island Community For students and Alumni of the University of Rhode Island 8 2 Jan 15, 2010
PLA Services for Spanish Speakers Community of Practice Community PLA, Spanish language, public libraries 13 2 Apr 23, 2010
ASCLA SLA (State Library Agencies)/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group Community SLA/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group 28 3 Jul 14, 2011
PLA Turning the Page 2.0 Au'12 Threaded Discussion Community Community PLA Turning the Page 2.0 Su'12 Threaded Discussion Community 26 3 Sep 12, 2012
ACRL Chapters Council Ad Hoc Committee on Annual Report Community This group is charged with the task of creating a less complicated means for filling out the annual report. 4 3 Jan 2, 2010
YALSA 2013-2014 Proteges Community Protege space for YALSA's 2013-2014 class 12 3 Jun 26, 2013
Germanists Discussion Group (ACRL WESS - Western European Studies Section) Community Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Western European Studies Section (WESS) Germanists Discussion Group 10 3 Dec 10, 2008
PLA Digital Librarianship Community of Practice Community public libraries, technology, PLA, programming, best practices 18 3 Apr 23, 2010
Librarians who WoW Community Librarians who play World of Warcraft 5 3 Jul 6, 2009
Alaska Library Association Community A place for members and friends of the Alaska Library Association to discuss issues of special interest to Alaskans. 7 3 Mar 6, 2014
National Forum on Libraries & Teens Planning Group Community this is a work space for the National Forum 5 3 Nov 6, 2012
PLA Urban Libraries Community of Practice Community public libraries, urban libraries 16 3 Jun 9, 2010
Genealogy Librarians Community A group for librarians who serve genealogy patrons, work with genealogical materials, or are simply interested in family history. 23 3 Jan 5, 2010
Moving Libraries Discussion Group (LLAMA BES - Building and Equipment Section) Community Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) BES Moving Libraries Discussion Group 4 3 Dec 10, 2008
Summer Reading Interest Group (YALSA - Young Adult Library Services Association) Community YALSA Summer Reading Interest Group 54 3 Mar 15, 2009
ALA CraftCon Community Because no one knows DIY like librarians. 30 3 Mar 1, 2011
PLA Buildings and Facilities Community of Practice Community public libraries, architecture, maintenance 15 3 Jun 9, 2010
Library Education in the 21st Century Community For LIS Professors and Librarians to ponder the current state and future of LIS education. 51 3 Apr 30, 2009
Business Reference Services Discussion Group (RUSA BRASS - Business Reference and Services Section) Community Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) Business Reference Services (BRASS) Discussion Group 45 3 Dec 9, 2008