Namesort descending Type Description Members Posts Created
ACRL Technical Services Interest Group Community 16 76 Jan 26, 2014
ACRL ULS Mid-Level Managers Group Community 17 12 Jul 5, 2013
ACRL Working Group on Council of Liaisons Community We are looking a ways to improve the Council of Liaisons 11 13 Nov 19, 2009
ACRL-REDC's 2012 Diversity Standards for Academic Libraries Community Short introductory video to present the ACRL-Racial and Ethinic Diversity Committee's 2012 Divesrsity Standards for Academic Libraries. 6 1 Nov 2, 2012
ACRL-ULS Acad. Outreach Wiki Working Group Community This working group is charged with developing a wiki to foster dialog around Academic Outreach as a means to create a community of practice. 8 1 Feb 28, 2011
ACRL/LLAMA/ASCLA Presidents' Program Committee Community Joint committee planning the 2010 ACRL/LLAMA/ASCLA Presidents' Program Committee in Washington D.C. 14 6 Jan 14, 2010
ACRL/RBMS Digital Special Collections Discussion Group Community ACRL/RBMS Digital Special Collections Discussion Group 36 4 Jan 17, 2013
Adult Literacy Toolkit Working Group Community Collaborative space for selected members to develop the Adult Literacy Toolkit 8 1 Mar 10, 2011
African American Studies Librarians Interest Group (AASLIG) Community Provides the resources—ideas, programs, discussion forums and networking opportunities—to support the development of African American Studies librarianship and resources in academic and research libraries. 3 2 Jan 24, 2017
AHBONBON - Toxin-Free Homemade Meal Grassroots Movement Community Entrepreneurship, Healthy Living, and Food Guide 2 0 May 16, 2014
ALA 2009 Annual Conference Scholarship for a Day Community This is a space for all the participants in the scholarship program and other interested parties to find network, shares ideas and information. 30 21 May 21, 2009
ALA 2015 Environmental Scan Community ALA 2015 Environmental Scan 729 101 Jun 22, 2009
ALA Branding, Marketing & Design Advisory Group Community Web Editorial Board subgroup 10 13 Jun 28, 2010
ALA Browncoats Community Because even on the raggedy edge, folks need information. (Fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity.) 18 1 Jun 5, 2010
ALA Budget and Finance Member Group Community An open community for individuals interested in ALA budget and finance. 22 4 Nov 10, 2011
ALA COL Copyright (Ad hoc Subcommittee) Community Subcommittee to evaluate and make recommendations to COL on copyright legislation and related issues. 25 125 Jan 21, 2010
ALA Connect Help Community Get help using ALA Connect 98 102 Dec 8, 2008
ALA Connect Sandbox Community A place for anyone to play around in ALA Connect. Post, comment, add, delete, upload, can't break anything here. 5 1 Aug 14, 2013
ALA Connect Survey Subcommittee Community A subcommittee of the ALA Website Advisory Committee 9 1 Aug 13, 2014
ALA Connect Training Sandbox Community Community A community to use for member training purposes at Annual and Midwinter Meetings 29 45 Jul 8, 2009