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Namesort ascending Type Description Members Posts
Web Working Group (ALA Staff) [Community] Archived Staff oversight committee for ala.org and the rest of ALA's web presence 32 231
Web Presence Managers Community Heterogeneous, across-Units/Divisons community for Web Presence Committees and interested members at large 14 1
Web Content Managers Committee 18 0
We the Librarians Community A tribe of librarians dedicated to creating a more perfect association 3 0
Washington Library Association Community For members of the Washington Library Association, a state affiliated chapter of ALA 13 0
WAC Strategic Plan Subcommittee Community This subcommittee of the ALA Website Advisory Committee will develop a long-range strategic plan for ALA's web presence. 11 1
WAC Content Management Recognition Subcommittee Community Exploring ways to set up a mechanism to acknowledge the efforts of staff and volunteer content managers/ 7 1
WAC Conference Scheduler Subcommittee [Community] Archived A subcommittee of the Website Advisory Committee that will create the requirements document for a new ALA event planner 10 9
WAC CMS Selection Taskforce Community Exists to evaluate content management systems for ALA use, both opensource and licensed, and to make a preliminary recommendation to WAC. 13 54
VRT Publications (Communications) Committee (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Publications (Communications) Committee 2 0
VRT Program Committee - San Francisco Committee VRT Program Committee for Annual Conference 2 5
VRT Program Committee (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Program Committee 6 0
VRT Officers (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Officers 19 6
VRT Notable Videos for Adults Committee (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Notable Videos for Adults Committee 4 5
VRT Nominating Committee (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Nominating Committee 3 0
VRT Membership Committee Committee Responsible for promoting membership in the Video Round Table and for outreach activities with other professional organizations. Has conducted user surveys and organized the VRT booth at ALA Annual Conference. 3 0
VRT Liaison Group Community A group where VRT Liaisons to other organizations discuss liaison activities 2 0
VRT Gala Committee 6 8
VRT Communications Committee (Video Round Table) Committee Video Round Table (VRT) Communications Committee 5 5
VRT (Video Round Table) Round Table VRT 596 102