Namesort ascending Type Description Members Posts
Wisconsin Library Association Community WLA unites and supports people from all types of libraries to develop and advocate for dynamic, responsive Wisconsin libraries. 6 1
Why I Need My Library Contest Community Presidential Initiative Planning Team 16 21
What about Midwinter? Community Open discussion about short- and long-term Midwinter options 4 2
Web Presence Managers Community Heterogeneous, across-Units/Divisons community for Web Presence Committees and interested members at large 13 1
We the Librarians Community A tribe of librarians dedicated to creating a more perfect association 3 0
Washington Library Association Community For members of the Washington Library Association, a state affiliated chapter of ALA 13 0
WAC Strategic Plan Subcommittee Community This subcommittee of the ALA Website Advisory Committee will develop a long-range strategic plan for ALA's web presence. 11 1
WAC Content Management Recognition Subcommittee Community Exploring ways to set up a mechanism to acknowledge the efforts of staff and volunteer content managers/ 7 1
WAC CMS Selection Taskforce Community Exists to evaluate content management systems for ALA use, both opensource and licensed, and to make a preliminary recommendation to WAC. 13 54
VRT Liaison Group Community A group where VRT Liaisons to other organizations discuss liaison activities 2 0
Vote for the 2015 ALA Annual Ignite sessions Community 14 54
Vote for the 2015 ALA Annual Conversation Starters Community 21 74
Virtual Worlds Interest Group (ACRL) Community Virtual Worlds 36 89
Virtual Reference Discussion Group (RUSA MARS - Machine Assisted Reference Section) Community Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) MARS Virtual Reference Discussion Group 41 10
Virtual Participation Resources Community The place for collecting solutions for participating at a distance with ALA and it's divisions. 26 6
Virtual Membership Meeting Working Group (ALA Staff) Community An internal group working on the Virtual Membership Meeting preceding the Membership Meeting at the 2011 Annual Conference 11 30
Virtual Membership Meeting 2014 VMM14 Community Annual online virtual membership meeting 2014 9 10
Virtual Library Discussion Group (ASCLA ICAN - Interlibrary Cooperation and Networking Section) Community ASCLA ICAN Virtual Library Discussion Group 5 2
Virtual Communities and Libraries Community Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Initiative Group (VCL MIG) 47 67
Vegan and Vegetarian Librarians Community Devoted to vegetarians and vegans who want to eat together at conferences and midwinter meetings. 77 19