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Namesort ascending Type Description Members Posts
Zombie List Community Community to work on the Zombie List 4 0
Youth Council Caucus Community Youth Council Caucus 22 55
YALSA Writing Award Evaluation Task Force Community YALSA Writing Award Evaluation Task Force 7 25
YALSA Technology for Young Adults committee Community Focuses on technology for young adults 3 0
YALSA Student Interest Group Community YALSA Interest group for graduate and undergraduate students 31 29
YALSA Representatives & Liaisons Community a work space for members who represent YALSA on ALA or affiliate groups 11 3
YALSA Protégés Community Online community for YALSA's protégés 56 61
YALSA Programming Guidelines Development Task Force Community YALSA Programming Guidelines Development Task Force 8 0
YALSA Outreach to Young Adults With Special Needs Community this is a community for the committee members of the YALSA Outreach to YA w/ Special Needs committee, which will transition to a SIG in 2010. 15 0
YALSA Los Angeles Area Interest Group Community Interest group for L.A. area young adult librarians and library staff 21 10
YALSA Intellectual Freedom Interest Group Community For current YALSA members interested in censorship and privacy issues 30 11
YALSA E-instructors Community Instructors who teach YALSA online courses 12 17
YALSA District Days 2011 Community Join this group for information about hosting a local event for your area officials and policy makers. 6 2
YALSA DC Metro-Area Interest Group Community An interest group to librarians who serve teens in the DC metro area 7 3
YALSA blog Community for the YALSA blog, bloggers, and bloggitry. 37 5
YALSA Best Buy Grantees Community this is a workspace for grantees to discuss digital library resources for teens 13 17
YALSA 2014-2015 Proteges Community Protege space for YALSA's 2014-2015 class 14 5
YALSA 2014-2015 Mentors Community Mentor space for YALSA's 2014-2015 class 12 1
YALSA 2012 Proteges Community Community for YALSA's 2012-2013 proteges 12 8
YALSA 2012 Mentors Community Mentor space for YALSA's 2012-2013 class 10 9