Summary of Current Activities

The Discussion Forums Coordinating Committee sponsored two really exciting Forums at Annual. 

Rethinking Your Reference Collection, moderated by Christy Caldwell, had 23 attendees and a very lively discussion about the use and fate of print reference collections.  Participants were both academic and public librarians and discussion covered topics from decision-making to dealing with staff resistance.

Goals for 2012-2013

The committee goals are to solicit proposals for discussion forums at ALA Midwinter and ALA Annual, evaluate them, and select the two best for each.

2013 Midwinter Meeting Agenda Cover Sheet

Form D.1, Pre-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Agenda Cover Sheet

Note: Submit one copy of this cover sheet with your meeting agenda to the ALSC Executive Director one month prior to Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting. Also submit one copy to the following individuals: your priority group consultant, the ALSC President, and the Vice President/President Elect.  Additionally, upload this document and your agenda to your committee space on ALA Connect to share with committee members.

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New England Technical Services Librarians

New England Technical Services Librarians







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