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Kim Leeder Reed's picture

Brainstorming (orientation guide, YLWG committee as case study)

I was just thinking about whether it would be worthwhile to recommend or create an orientation guide for ALA that would be distributed (electronically, probably) to all newbie librarians/members. What advice would we give them, what resources would we point them to? Could it include a flow chart of "if you're interested in x, go here," etc.? Just brainstorming.

I also suggested in our last chat meeting that we consider treating our committee as a case study in terms of many of the obstacles that deter young librarians from participating fully. We could present lessons learned and suggestions for avoiding such pitfalls in other committees.

Emily Ford's picture

I think this would be a good recommendation for the EB. I don't think we'd a) want to take on this work right now and b) I think anything like this would have to be cleared through EB. Alternately, an unofficial zine made by interested parties who just happened to be members of this group but who aren't doing it as a group member might work...

I also agree that we should do some sort of case study...

Mary Ghikas's picture

This is a great idea.  I don't want to interfere -- but please let me know if I can be helpful.  Over lots of years as a member -- and quite a few as a staff member -- I've accumulated a lot of information.  It would be interesting to me to try to see what I think I know through fresh eyes.  I'm sure I'd learn.   So - just volunteering to help with the work, if that would be useful.  I'm easy to find -- mghikas@ala.org

Karen Downing's picture

Thanks for the offer of help Mary!  --Karen

Karen E. Downing, Ph.D. Head, Social Sciences, University of Michigan kdown@umich.edu

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

You might also want to talk with the 2010 Emerging Leaders Team L. Here's their project description:

"Develop the visual guide (think Dorling-Kindersley) to ALA’s network of member-group and affiliate relationships, committees, budget cycles, event cycles, and other complex interactions and connections, to be posted on the website and used to orient members, member-leaders, and ALA staff. Team L will interview key ALA staff and member-volunteers and then demonstrate that knowledge using concept mapping and other visual aids."


Lizbeth Bishoff's picture

Has NMRT does anything like this?  Is there already a guide for new members of any sort that we can build on, either analog or digital???  Just want to check...Great idea folks.

Laurel Bliss's picture

No, NMRT hasn't done anything like this.  I wish we had!

Aaron Dobbs's picture

Dangit, Jenny, I'm a day and a bit late to say what you said :)


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian